People like free stuff…

That seems to be the message from last weekend’s Crazy Birthday Bonanza.

We were completely amazed by the amount of interest in our promotion – in fact nearly as many apps were downloaded in one weekend as have been over the space of the last year! So, welcome to all our new users. It’s taken a couple to days to catch up with all the feedback, emails, tweets and tech support (although thankfully there wasn’t as much of this as there could have been – downloads were up several hundred fold over the weekend but tech support wasn’t).

The most downloaded app of the weekend was Juiced which surprised us all as it’s not been selling terribly well – seems people love it if it’s free, not so much if it’s 99c. Maybe we should make it free and stuff it full of ads?

Done came in second, which is great and we’ve had plenty of positive responses on this one. Lots of people saying they couldn’t believe they’d not seen it before, it was the best To Do app they’d ever used and they’d happily pay more for it than it’s normal price.

DeskClock was third which was also a bit of a surprise, MyCal fourth and PhotoFrame fifth. I won’t bother to list the rest other than to say Mistletoe was the runt of the litter…

One of the benefits of the exercise was that thousands of new users means thousands of new app testers and as a result a few real bugs have come to light. By ‘real bugs’ I mean repeatable bugs that we can replicate and several users are experiencing. So many of the problems we get seem to be one-offs that we can’t duplicate here at Chilli X – so much for the iPhone being a single platform to develop for. We’ll list those bugs tomorrow and and see if anybody else can add to them.

Once again, thanks to everybody who took part in our birthday celebrations by downloading the free apps or by helping spread the word.

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  1. templerel Says:

    Article just super – Author Special thanks

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