May 14, 2009



Welcome to iOS 7, goodbye to some old friends

October 28, 2013


As you surely know by now, Apple recently updated it’s operating system to iOS 7. While the update has been controversial, it’s certainly been incredibly successful in terms of numbers of users that have updated… In fact, it’s probably fair to say that if you’re reading this you’ve already updated…

While some users have complained that it’s just a cosmetic change, there’s actually quite a lot of things that have changed underneath as well – things that have broken many of the apps we all use everyday, including some of our own.

Whenever Apple updates iOS it invariably causes problems with older apps and as a developer, you’re faced with the task of tracking down what’s gone wrong and fixing it. This isn’t always an easy task (especially if the original programmer has moved on) and as iOS has become increasingly complex, we now find some users reporting bugs that we can’t even reproduce, let alone fix.

So this time, we made the difficult decision to remove any apps that didn’t seem to be working properly rather than update them. The time and expense involved just couldn’t be justified, especially since Apple changed the rules regarding App updates. It used to be that an updated app would jump back to the top of the new releases list (which meant a little spike in sales for your efforts) but too many developers were abusing that by releasing ‘fake’ updates… So now, updating our apps has no impact on sales whatsoever – which would be OK if current sales were high enough to cover the cost, but in reality they aren’t.

Apps that have been put out of their misery are: Playlist Alarm Clock, RandomPlay, MyCal, NightTime Plus, PlaySafe and Juiced. We’re sad to see them go, but it’s also nice to know that we don’t have to worry about them anymore…

PhotoFrame app for Windows Phone

January 16, 2013


PhotoFrame has been the most successful of the apps we’ve released for iPhone, so it seemed the natural choice to see how it would fare on Windows Phone.

Since we know next to nothing about coding for Windows, the folks over at Digital Living Solutions handled the build and publishing side of things.

The app only went live a few days ago so it’s a bit early to tell how things are going but once we’ve got a better idea, we’ll do a follow up post and compare the different experiences. In the meantime if you’d like to try it out, PhotoFrame for Windows Phone is available here.


August 13, 2012

Just a quick post to let you know that our latest app is out today – TheWorldClock.

TheWorldClock keeps track of the time in your friends’ & colleagues’ part of the world so you don’t have to. Add multiple clocks displaying different time zones and personalise them by renaming them to something more meaningful – like a friend, relative or client, so you’ll always know the best time to get in touch.

You can tell at a glance whether it’s a convenient time – if a clock is white it’s daytime, black it’s night.

If you’re interested, you can get a copy from the App Store here.

Chilli X update

July 25, 2012


As you might have noticed we’ve been quietly releasing updates to some of our apps recently. Apple makes frequent updates to its iOS and sometimes these can cause problems for some users unless apps are updated to accommodate these ‘under the hood’ changes.

As a result, we’ve started the process of updating and polishing our apps to make sure everything is still running smoothly. The first 3 have been DeskClock, PhotoFrame and Juiced, all of which have had bugs squashed and visual tweaks.

Keep watching this blog or follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with our progress.

Chameleon Clock

July 22, 2012

We’ve worked with the guys from Netwalk Apps before on our To Do list app Done and their, iPad note taking app, ActionNotes – and we’re happy to report that we’ve just done so again with our new app Chameleon Clock.

Why Chameleon Clock? Well, the app uses the camera in the back of your iDevice to either a) sample the colour behind it or b) provide a live video feed to sit behind the time. The result? Your clock blends into your environment and all sorts of subtle effects are possible by changing the colour and/or transparency of the time display.

The app has already been featured on This Week’s Must-Have Apps so why not take a look for yourself?

Chameleon Clock has also got its own blog where we’re posting the best pics of it – have a look.



Saving Grace – Travel Packing Aid

June 8, 2011

We’re pleased to announce that our latest app, Saving Grace, has just gone live in the App Store, and what’s more it’s FREE.

Need help with what to pack on your next holiday? Saving Grace by Grace Hotels is a packing check list and reminder tool all in one. Designed to cut the stress of packing. Read the rest of this entry »

DeskClock 2011 update

May 13, 2011

After much delay, we’re pleased to announce that the latest version of DeskClock has just gone live in the App Store.

It finally features the full screen year view calendar for 2011. Thanks to everybody for their patience while we got to the bottom of this one – we won’t go into the exact details behind the delay, but suffice to say it was due to circumstances beyond our control, not that we just couldn’t be bothered.

Anyway, as you can see above, the app features a handy year-at-a-glance calendar as well as the standard clock and month view below…

If you haven’t already got a copy, then now’s as good a time as any – get it here

Free May iPhone Calendar Wallpapers

May 3, 2011

Sorry we’re a couple of days late with this month’s wallpapers but we had a Royal Wedding to attend…

As per usual, it’s created with our MyCal app that lets you superimpose calendar information on the picture of your choice and then save it out as a wallpaper image.

If you want a full size version for your computer desktop, head on over here.

ActionNotes is out now

March 25, 2011

We’re pleased to announce that ActionNotes for the iPad is available in the App Store as of today.

What’s ActionNotes? While not strictly a Chilli X app it’s produced by the same team that bought you Done, our popular iPhone To Do list app.

This time we’ve teamed up with the guys at Netwalk to bring you ActionNotes. We’ve taken the same ‘simple but elegant’ design philosophy that we used with Done and applied it to the Note taking genre and thrown in a To Do list for good measure 🙂

You can read all about it here.

Or better still, buy a copy from the App Store here.

Let us know what you think…

Free March iPhone Calendar Wallpapers

March 2, 2011

Sorry we’re a day late with this month’s wallpapers – but better late than never

As per usual, the wallpapers are created with our MyCal app that lets you superimpose calendar information on the picture of your choice and then save it out as a wallpaper image.