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Rezaudio likes PhotoFrame

November 28, 2008

We found this great little video on YouTube:

Thanks Rezaudio

PhotoFrame 1.2.1 goes live

November 19, 2008

The latest version of PhotoFrame has gone live on the App Store now and we urge anybody that has been experiencing problems to download it and let us know how you get on.

This version optimises your images, which should make everything run more smoothly – you may notice a slight delay the first time you launch the App as it works its magic on your pictures.

We really care about PhotoFrame and are trying hard to make it shine so please take the time to let us know what you think.

What next for PhotoFrame?

November 12, 2008

We’re looking at new features to add to PhotoFrame – let us know what you think…

The Future of PhotoFrame’s Icon

November 10, 2008

So we have been toying around with some ideas for a tweaked version of the icon for PhotoFrame’s next update and decided it would be nice to get some input from our users. So without further ado, check out these ideas: 

Yes, sunsets are a popular choice! But really what do people think of the silver frame? Also, Is the chrome version better or worse? Sound off in the comments with any thoughts and opinions.

PhotoFrame 1.2 at last!

November 10, 2008

Well the long awaited update to PhotoFrame has finally gone live on the App Store.

This version lets you add 20 photos to your album rather than the previous 6. If you’re upgrading we urge you to do it via iTunes rather than over the air direct to your phone – this does seem to result in a smoother experience.

Now it’s time to crack on with version 1.3…


November 5, 2008

We’ve had a few comments and reviews where people have had problems with PhotoFrame crashing. Unfortunately there’s no direct way for us as developers to contact people who leave reviews in the App Store but from talking to others who have had problems it seems that they all downloaded over the air rather than through iTunes.

This leads us to believe that something weird is going on. If you’re reading this and are having problems with PhotoFrame crashing and you downloaded via iTunes, please contact us.

As with any iPhone App related problems you can try restarting the phone – just hold the power button long enough for the red ‘slide to power off button’ to appear and switch the phone off, wait a few seconds and switch back on. You’d be surprised how often this sorts things out.

PhotoFrame 1.2 update

November 4, 2008

We’re eagerly awaiting the appearance of the latest PhotoFrame in the App Store.

This version allows you select 20 pictures rather than just 6. We’re still looking at ways of adding more or even linking in to a folder of pictures but we thought we’d get this out as soon as possible as more pictures was by far the most requested feature.

The update has been with Apple for a few days now so should be going live very soon.

PhotoFrame goes top 20!

October 29, 2008

We’re more than a little pleased to see that PhotoFrame has broken into the top 20 paid for Apps in iTunes!

Thanks if you’re on of the many people that has bought it so far and please help spread the word to friends and colleagues…


Oone of the default images - you can change them to your own

Oone of the default images - you can change them to your own

PhotoFrame Update

October 28, 2008

We just thought we’d let you know that we’re hard at work on the next update to PhotoFrame.

The most popular request so far has been the ability to add more than 6 photos. We originally intended that you could link into our of your photo libraries and simply display all of those pictures, but then we tried to implement it and discovered Apple don’t provide a way of choosing a folder, only individual images.