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Welcome to iOS 7, goodbye to some old friends

October 28, 2013


As you surely know by now, Apple recently updated it’s operating system to iOS 7. While the update has been controversial, it’s certainly been incredibly successful in terms of numbers of users that have updated… In fact, it’s probably fair to say that if you’re reading this you’ve already updated…

While some users have complained that it’s just a cosmetic change, there’s actually quite a lot of things that have changed underneath as well – things that have broken many of the apps we all use everyday, including some of our own.

Whenever Apple updates iOS it invariably causes problems with older apps and as a developer, you’re faced with the task of tracking down what’s gone wrong and fixing it. This isn’t always an easy task (especially if the original programmer has moved on) and as iOS has become increasingly complex, we now find some users reporting bugs that we can’t even reproduce, let alone fix.

So this time, we made the difficult decision to remove any apps that didn’t seem to be working properly rather than update them. The time and expense involved just couldn’t be justified, especially since Apple changed the rules regarding App updates. It used to be that an updated app would jump back to the top of the new releases list (which meant a little spike in sales for your efforts) but too many developers were abusing that by releasing ‘fake’ updates… So now, updating our apps has no impact on sales whatsoever – which would be OK if current sales were high enough to cover the cost, but in reality they aren’t.

Apps that have been put out of their misery are: Playlist Alarm Clock, RandomPlay, MyCal, NightTime Plus, PlaySafe and Juiced. We’re sad to see them go, but it’s also nice to know that we don’t have to worry about them anymore…

Playlist Alarm Clock ‘one of the best’ iPhone alarm clocks

January 3, 2011

According to a recent post by TUAW rounding up their favourite iPhone alarm clock apps, our Playlist AlarmClock is one of the best!

Playlist Alarm Clock lets you set up two playlists, one to send you off to sleep and one to wake you up. So pick you favourite chillout tunes and set the volume to fade out, then drift off to sleep.  Then be woken up in the morning by something a bit livelier… Of course, you can specify different volumes for each list and choose an amount of time for the music to fade in or out.

Thanks guys!

Update on the Updates

October 22, 2009

A quick note to all the Juiced and Playlist Alarm Clock users out there.

We’ve recently posted minor updates to both of these apps. Juiced 1.1 adds compatibility with the latest model of the iPod touch – previously you got only look at the lovely graphics – now you’ll get the detailed battery stats as well. Playlist Alarm Clock 1.5 fixes the issue that was causing the music to stop if you turned off the screen at night.

We’ll update our bug list and let you know as soon as they appear in the App Store – which might take some time the way things seem to be going now. There’s still no sign of RandomPlay after 2 weeks…

Playlist Alarm Clock still not free – sorry

October 10, 2009

Just a quick update on the situation regarding Playlist Alarm Clock.

Despite our best efforts, P.A.C is still not free. For reasons known only to God & Steve Jobs, the App Store is not giving us the option to make it free. Bizarre as it sounds, when we go into edit the app’s details the ‘free’ option is missing from the drop down price list. We’re as baffled as you guys and have contacted Apple Tech Support, so far with no response.

We’ll keep on trying to reduce the price over the rest of the weekend and keep you updated. Sorry.

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Playlist Alarm Clock 1.4 bug

October 4, 2009

Thanks to everybody who pointed this out to us.

P.A.C 1.3 - note the new Shuffle button

P.A.C 1.4 - still not quite perfect...

It seems the new feature we introduced in P.A.C 1.4 that allows the alarm to go off in the morning even if the phone isn’t on charge has created a problem of its own. Squash one bug and another pops up in its place…

Turning the screen off now stops the music playing when you’re trying to doze off – not ideal, we know. We’re working on a fix now (in fact we think we’ve found one) and as soon as we’ve tested it we’ll upload a new version.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but in the meantime remember you can dim the screen by tapping the main time display (or even place your phone face down).

Updated Playlist Alarm Clock FAQs

September 26, 2009

We’ve been so busy updating Playlist Alarm Clock that we forgot to keep the FAQs up to date.

Playlist Alarm Clock FAQs

Playlist Alarm Clock FAQs

Anyway, it’s been done now – click here to read the updated FAQs and let us know if you’re having any other problems that aren’t covered here…

Playlist Alarm Clock 1.4

September 25, 2009

The latest update to Playlist Alarm Clock has just appeared in the App Store.

P.A.C 1.3 - note the new Shuffle button

P.A.C 1.4 - now works unplugged

This latest version now works whether your iPhone is plugged in or not. We originally envisioned that people would mainly use P.A.C when their device was on charge at night, but it seems a lot of you want to use it on battery power. Version 1.4 should sound the alarm under any circumstances as long as the app is running – the phone can be plugged in or not, the screen can be on, dim or off – it’s up to you.

We’ve been quite busy with P.A.C since it was first launched, adding separate volume controls for each playlist, screen dimming, random play and now a more robust alarm system. What features would you like to see next?

iPhone OS 3.1 broke my podcasts

September 20, 2009


As many of you may have spotted the recent release of iPhone OS 3.1 seems to have broken podcast support within our PlaySafe and Playlist Alarm Clock apps.

Previously you could select a podcast just like any other song from your music library and listen to it safely in the car, or to send you off to sleep, but ever since 3.1 the podcast section of the music picker is empty…

We’re looking into to try and see what changed and hope we can find a workaround soon rather than wait for Apple to fix it again in OS 3.2. We’ll keep you updated here on the blog.

Playlist Alarm Clock 1.3 out now

August 31, 2009

Just updating this post to let you know that Playlist Alarm Clock, our iPhone and iPod touch clock that let’s you choose which music to listen to an night and in the morning, is now available in the App Store.

P.A.C 1.3 - note the new Shuffle button

P.A.C 1.3 - note the new Shuffle button

New in this version of P.A.C (1.3) adds the following features to the mix:

Random Play – just click the new Shuffle button (bottom left of the screen) to activate shuffle mode so that you won’t have to wake up to the same song every morning.

Podcasts – we found a way of activating podcasts! So now you can drift off to sleep (probably) listening to your favorite podcasts or even wake up to them (less likely?).

Bug Fix – some people were finding that their screen was switching off when they didn’t want it to (ie. P.A.C wasn’t overriding the Auto Off setting). This was a tricky one to track down as it wasn’t affecting all users and some of the ones it did, found that turning the screen back on sorted out the problem, others didn’t. Anyway, bottom line is we’re pretty sure we’ve fixed it.

Please let us know of any continuing problems after you’ve got the new version (hopefully any day soon).

P.A.C Region Format Bug

August 19, 2009
Crashing when you try to set up the Wake playlist
Some users were experiencing a crash when they clicked on the wake window to set up Wake playlists. The issue seemed to be linked to the region format on their iPhones – Setting General > International > Region Format to United Kingdom solved the problem and they were able to switch back to their chosen region without any further issues. If you’re experiencing the same problem anywhere else in the world, please let us know.

One of the issues that’s come up with P.A.C is a crash which can occur when you try to set up the Wake playlist

We’ve mentioned it in the FAQs but thought it was worth bringing up again here – the problem seems to affect some users whose Region Format is set to something other than UK or USA.

Going to Settings and changing General > International > Region Format to United Kingdom or United States will solve the problem and you can then switch back to your chosen region without any further issues.

We’re really sorry for any inconvenience this is causing people and are actively looking for a fix.

Anyone experiencing this issue please contact us and we’ll do all we can to help.

PAC Region Format