Saving Grace – Travel Packing Aid

We’re pleased to announce that our latest app, Saving Grace, has just gone live in the App Store, and what’s more it’s FREE.

Need help with what to pack on your next holiday? Saving Grace by Grace Hotels is a packing check list and reminder tool all in one. Designed to cut the stress of packing.

The app has pre-set lists for different trip types – winter, summer, activity holiday or a short break. Activities include specific lists for surfing, cycling, golf, diving, fishing, camping etc.

You can personalise your lists by swiping to delete individual items or categories or use the ‘Edit’ button to delete multiple things at once. Of course you can add any new items that we might have forgotten. Use your lists again or start from scratch. You decide.

Saving Grace makes packing easier by showing you not only how many items you’ve already packed, but also how many are left to pack in each category. Just tap an item to move it into your ‘packed’ list.

The app also features a readymade list of important stuff to do before you travel – from travel insurance to currency to watering your plants and emptying your fridge! Tap a task when it’s completed to cross it off your list with a satisfying sound effect.

“Easing the stress of packing is all part of creating the calm and serenity that is key to a happy holiday” says Grace Hotels.

If you’ve got a holiday or short break coming up, there’s no excuse not to give it a try – Saving Grace (App Store link)

3 Responses to “Saving Grace – Travel Packing Aid”

  1. Angela Says:

    Can you sync packing lists between iPad & iPhone ?

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