MyCal June 2010

We’re really sorry about this but the June update of MyCal hasn’t gone live yet.  Apple’s approval process has been getting pretty slow again lately (I guess the iPad launch hasn’t helped).

Hopefully the update will appear today or tomorrow and in the meantime, here’s a couple of wallpapers to keep you going. This month’s images are courtesy of Macrolicious.

We are working on a version of MyCal that allows you to pick any month it’s just a matter of scheduling it in. To be honest we have made/are making so little money from MyCal that other things keep taking priority. Apple’s new policy with updates doesn’t help either. They used to treat updates as new release so you’d jump to the top of the list again, new people would see and buy the app making the upgrade financially worthwhile but so many devs were abusing the system, they stopped it. So now upgrades result in no extra income (which is why so many devs are trying to go down the in-app purchase route).

Anyway, bottom line is we now have the code to do what we want to do with MyCal and are using it in our iPad app PhotoFramePlus (with infinite calendar:) and just need to repurpose it into MyCal along with a few other nice touches (start the week on Monday/Sunday etc.) We promise we’ll get there soon…


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