PhotoFramePlus Sale

The iPad finally reaches Europe today and to celebrate we’re slashing the price of PhotoFramePlus by 2/3rds. That’s right grab a copy now for just 59p! Of course the offer is open to the US too where you’ll get it for the bargain price of 99c (and everywhere else for that matter…)

In case you haven’t come across PhotoFramePlus here’s all you need to know:

If you intending to use your iPad as a digital photo frame you’ll love PhotoFramePlus. PhotoFramePlus is an improvement over the iPad’s built-in slideshow in several ways. We’ve added a time and date display which turns your iPad into a beautiful personalised desktop calendar. A quick tap of the finger displays a full year’s calendar (with week numbers) and if your pictures are a mix of wide and tall, PhotoFramePlus intelligently scales and crops them to fit, so you always get a full screen image – no more black bars! And, it doesn’t stop there. We’ll be adding new screens that add new features and more functionality. You tell us what screens you want and we’ll build them for you!

Check out PhotoFramePlus’s dedicated website for more info.


2 Responses to “PhotoFramePlus Sale”

  1. moutonlala Says:

    Does this application exists in French?

  2. chillix Says:

    We’re working on International versions right now. Watch this space…

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