Goodbye StarTime

We’re sad to announce that we’ve had to remove StarTime from the App Store at the request of CBS.

We’re hoping that we can work with them to get it back in to the store as soon as possible. Watch this space (no pun intended).


10 Responses to “Goodbye StarTime”

  1. Michael Quinn Says:

    Paramount are usually fairly happy for people to use ST stuff as long as there is no money in it. You might be able to make it available again iff you give it away for good Karma points.

  2. Howie Says:

    Please bring this back. Wuld b great to down load it!!

  3. Duncan Says:

    That sucks. Was going to redownload it and could’nt find it. Now I know why. Please bring it back as soon as possible! Was the only clock app I used! 😦

    • chillix Says:

      Hi Duncan

      We’ve asked CBS very nicely if they’re interested in making it an ‘official’ app and apparently they are thinking about it – so fingers crossed.

  4. Bruce Says:

    Dag nab it! I just found out about your amazing Star Time app and was so excited to get it. This really bites!! Please keep us posted if it ever omes back. I’m dying here!

  5. Bruce Says:

    I just noticed that the App Store has an iPad app called called LCARS Clock. If this app is allowed then surely Star Time would be allowed too.

    • chillix Says:

      Hi Bruce

      We keep chasing the legal guys at CBS to see if they’re interested in StarTime becoming official but so far with no luck…

      As for LCARS Clock – you’d think so wouldn’t you? But that would be assuming the world was a fair place 🙂

      There’s plenty of other offenders in the App Store too but it seems churlish to rat them out to CBS…

  6. James Hammond Says:

    Damn it! they’d better hurry up and allow this thing officially,I just read about it from an earlier article and am so eager to get it. love Star Trek.

  7. Cat Says:

    Do I get a refund?

  8. Shaun Harris Says:

    Why did CBS make you take it off of the App Store??? What a bunch of miserable people

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