iPhone OS 4.0 revealed today

Today Apple will reveal some of the key features to be included in the next major version of the iPhone operating system.

Everybody’s expecting them to announce multi-tasking and video conferencing as well as something to do with their rumoured mobile advertising platform, iAd. Although I think that’s something for developers and shareholders to get excited about rather than users. I’m not sure even Steve Jobs could make us clamour to be advertised to…

Apart from all the features that everybody else is asking for, here at Chilli X we’d like to see:

A better way of managing and grouping your applications. Give us the ability to have more apps and not just more screens either. Maybe each screen as we know it now could become the home screen for a different category of apps where we store our favorites, the rest being available from a pop up menu…

Better access to music and photo libraries. The current way that developers integrate with the media libraries of the built in apps is messy to say the least. Why not us point PhotoFramePlus to an existing album instead of forcing us to duplicate the content and import it into our apps.

Wallpapers & icons. Let us have different wallpapers for each screen. Let developers create apps that write directly to the wallpaper rather than the Film Roll. Let’s have animated wallpapers and icons. Icons that reflect live information, weather, stock prices etc.

Better File Transfer. It’s ridiculous having to sync your phone every time you want to add a photo or note – give us an elegant way of getting content onto our devices quickly and easily (look at Pastebot if you want some inspiration).

In a few hours we’ll know if our wishes have been granted 🙂


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