Chilli X needs your help!

No! Just one day before the launch of the iPad, Apple have rejected PhotoFramePlus!

The reason for this is a display glitch that shows up on the actual iPad hardware but not on the simulator. This creates a real problem for us since we’re based in the UK and aren’t even sure when the iPad is going to be released here…

So we’re looking for early adopters that will help us test a new build of PhotoFramePlus. As you’ll appreciate, if we can’t replicate the problem in the simulator we won’t know if we’ve fixed it.

So if you’re getting your hands on a shiny new iPad this weekend and would like to help, please, please get in touch by clicking here.


One Response to “Chilli X needs your help!”

  1. Tj Says:

    The App Random Play, so I thought, doesn’t choose songs to play that are missing Album Art. Yet mine DOES choose songs without. Anyway of fixing this at my end, or is it an App bug?

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