More PhotoFramePlus screens

We thought you might be interested to see a little bit more of PhotoFramePlus, our first iPad App.

Here’s a couple of shots of the default view – as you can see it works perfectly well in either portrait or landscape mode. There’s no need to use the photos supplied, or even photos at all for that matter – these Roger Dean artworks look great! (click images for a larger view).

Here’s the Year View Calendar. Apple’s own Calendar App doesn’t have a whole year view calendar so this could come in handy when you just quickly need to check a date. There’s week numbers too (also missing from Apple’s Calendar) which you can switch off if you’re not interested in them. You can move backwards and forwards through the years, switch between landscape or portrait and, of course, choose whether your week starts on a Sunday or a Monday.

Here’s a quick look at  the Settings screen (well one section of it anyway). The App will bring up the settings relevant to the current display when you tap on the settings icon. Here’s the default selection of images that comes with the App. As you can see you can have several different sets of images that you can switch between. You can control how long each picture is on screen or turn the slideshow on or off and manually advance through the pictures. And you can choose random playback…

And here’s a grab of the Store page. At the moment you can only preview the upcoming pages but they’ll be available shortly. We’re really keen to hear what sort of functionality you’d like to see if this App. RSS reader? Flicker photostreams? Twitter feeds? Music player? Let us know what you’d like and we’ll see what we can do…


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