PhotoFramePlus for the iPad

The headline says it all. Our first iPad app is going to be a souped up version of our original iPhone app, PhotoFrame.

So where does the ‘Plus‘ in PhotoFramePlus come in? We thought that Apple’s implementation of the photo slideshow left a lot to be desired so we thought we’d add a little something to it… Not only does PhotoFramePlus‘s default display add the time, date and a monthly calendar but tapping on the bar at the bottom (click on the pictures for a better look) brings up a useful year view calendar (which is missing from Apple’s Calendar app). You can page back and forth through the years and the calendar even supports week numbers (also missing from Apple’s App).

But it gets even better than that! We’ll be releasing new ‘screens’ for PhotoFramePlus that will add new looks and even completely new functionality – see the preview of the first two below – All the Time in the World & Minimal…

Multitasking on the iPad?

Well not quite, but imagine being able to look at your photos, control your music, follow Twitter and RSS feeds all at the same time? You tell us what screens you want to see and we’ll build them for you.

PhotoFramePlus ships with a selection of beautiful photos already installed and we’ll be making more sets freely available on the web site. Of course, you can add your own photos and swap easily between multiple galleries.

PhotoFramePlus even intelligently crops and scales your photos to fill the screen regardless of orientation (something that Apple’s own slideshow doesn’t).

As you can probably tell, we’re really excited about PhotoFramePlus. We’re not quite sure yet whether it will be available from day 1 but if not it should be shortly afterwards. Watch this space and let us know what you think…

2 Responses to “PhotoFramePlus for the iPad”

  1. Richard Says:

    Hi….Got to have this! When will it be available for the iPad?

    Thanks and GREAT work!

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