MyCal 2010 & Feb wallpapers

Wow the 1st of February is here already – it’ll be Xmas again soon. But a new month means a couple of new Calendar Wallpapers for your iPhone or iPod touch.

As always, they are created with out MyCal app which allows you to superimpose a monthly calendar over the wallpaper image of your choice. We’ve just released a temporary update which includes February 2010 while we work on adding some new features. To be honest we were also waiting to see what Apple announced last week and hoping for some juicy new iPhone features we could incorporate but no such luck.

What do you think about a version of MyCal for the iPad? We could certainly fit a lot more info on there…

Anyway, you can read all about MyCal here or buy a copy here.

2 Responses to “MyCal 2010 & Feb wallpapers”

  1. Jeff henderson Says:

    Um, when will we get the update for March 2010??
    Also, why does your ap require updating EVERY month?
    It’s just a friggen calendar! Why can’t I pick any month or year in the past or future??

    • chillix Says:

      Hi Jeff

      the March update is with Apple and should be live any moment (they’re dragging their heels slightly at the moment)

      Reason for the monthly updates is this: we were waiting to see what Apple we going to announce re. the iPad ’cause we were hoping that they’d release a new OS with better lock screen functionality that we could build for. But they didn’t 😦

      Since then, pressure of work and illness has meant we haven’t had time to finish the update we’re working on which will indeed mean that you can call up a calendar for any month of any year. At the moment though the calendars are created by hand which means we can make them look a bit slicker in terms of font and design so we’re trying to find a happy medium.

      If the March update doesn’t come out today drop by the blog tomorrow where we always publish a couple of wallpaper calendars anyway…

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