RandomPlay. Live at last!

With all the excitement of the iPad launch last night we nearly didn’t notice that RandomPlay has finally gone live!

RandomPlay - interactive visual playlists on your iPhone

RandomPlay creates unique interactive visual playlists on your iPhone or iPod touch. It looks deceptively simple but has some hidden depths (much like the members of Chilli X).

Upon launch you’ll see a random selection of 12 tracks from your music library laid out in a grid and the first song will start to play. When it finishes it will be replaced by another so you won’t have to keep refreshing your visual playlist.

RandomPlay is ideal for those times when you’re not sure what you want to listen to but want to have more control than just telling your iPod to shuffle all songs. It looks great and works well with speaker docks and hi-fi systems. The screen stays on so it’s easy to see not just what’s playing but also what’s coming up. Plus, it’s just great fun to play with!

Play/Pause – just tap the cover of the song that’s playing to pause it or tap another cover to play that track instead.

Delete tracks – double tap any song you don’t want to hear and it will be replaced by another.

Song info – the artist and song title of the currently playing track are displayed at the bottom of the screen. If you’re not sure exactly what songs are queued up to be played, you can tap and hold any cover to pop up a window displaying the info for that track.

Shake to Shuffle – if you don’t like the look of any of the tracks RandomPlay has chosen, just shake the device to replace all 12 with another random selection.

RandomPlay tries to look good, so will only choose tracks with cover artwork, and because we think it works best with music, RandomPlay will also try to filter out your podcasts and audiobooks.

Grab a copy now and let is know what you think!

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