Done 2.0 User Guide

In case you haven’t noticed we’ve updated the Done User Guide to cover all the new features added in version 2.0 of our iPhone To DO list app.

We’ve done it as a downloadable pdf this time rather than a web page. As well as being a comprehensive guide to all of Done’s features, it’s also packed full of tips, quotes and productivity advice.

So download it today if you already own a copy of Done or perhaps you’re thinking of buying it but wanted to get a really good feel for it first. Let us know what you think…


3 Responses to “Done 2.0 User Guide”

  1. Dede Says:

    In a future release it would be nice to have the ability to add a photo to the notes of an item. I use Done for grocery shopping lists and sometimes I would like to take a photo of a product label to make sure I get the same exact item when I shop.

  2. Saraqael Says:

    Heyya fellas, just been doing to app updating and iphone resets and what not, and checking out Done 2.0 stuff, I was wondering if the “version” of my Done is supposed to read “1.9” (Get Info screen of app in iTunes). Probably not a war stopper or anything, but I’m just making sure I’ve got the lastest Done, otherwise I might have an update problem…

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