Christmas Updates

By the time you read this two little App updates should have appeared in the AppStore.

First off is MyCal which is an interim update to keep it working into January 2010. It also fixes the bug that some users were experiencing where pictures they took with their phones were appearing upside down in MyCal. There’s a bigger, better version of MyCal coming early in the new year with new features and images, so watch out for it.

In case you don’t know MyCal, it’s a simple little App that allows you to add calendar information to your pictures to create beautiful wallpapers for your iPhone or iPod touch.


MyCal - January 2010

Then we’ve added a 2010 year view to DeskClock to keep it up to date. We’ve also fixed the issue where AM or PM were still showing up when you selected the 24 HR clock – so no more 20.30 PMs!

2010 year view

DeskClock's 2010 year view

They should both be available now – Merry Christmas everybody!

One Response to “Christmas Updates”

  1. Robert Hardy Says:

    The exclusion of the AM/PM on 24 hour clock in Deskclock is a great improvement but I was surprised to find there was no colon separator as in all your other time related apps. It still doesn’t look quite right

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