It’s about time AboutTime got a good review

AboutTime was always one of my favorites of our apps although, judging by the sales figures, not many people ‘got it’ (in every sense of the phrase!).

So it’s great to see a 5 star review for it. Thanks to the guys at Vous et Votre Mac for pointing out the review to us.

AboutTime - don't take time so seriously

AboutTime - don't take time so seriously

If you’ve not come across it before, here’s how we describe it ourselves:

AboutTime tells you ‘about what time it is‘ featuring beautifully rendered typography on a light parchment background. AboutTime is bright during the day and dark at night so you’ll always know if it’s day or night. It makes an ideal (and unusual) bedside clock. As well as telling the time in a unique and unconventional way, you can flip the pages to reveal entertaining quotes and musings on the nature of time itself.

And here’s what VMMac had to say:

We’ve had quite a few users tell us that this is their favorite Chilli X app, so why not give it a try?


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