Done 2.0 is available now

Wow that was quick! Taking us all by surprise, Apple have approved Done 2.0 in record time and it’s available in the App Store now.

We haven’t quite had the time to get all our new materials in order or update the Done User Guide, so as an interim measure we’ll just cover off what’s new in the latest version. If you haven’t got a copy already then grab it quickly because we’re going to be increasing the price very soon.

New Heads Up Display

The current version of Done presents you with an easy way to delete all your completed items – just rotate the phone into landscape mode to get the big ‘Delete all completed items’ button. Done 2.0, takes this to the next level…

Done 2.0's new Heads Up Display

Now, when you rotate your phone you’ll be presented with our newHUD (Heads Up Display) which gives you three choices: Delete all completed items, Email your list to yourself or others and Wallpaper – save your most important items to your Camera Roll so that you can set them as your wallpaper.

The fact that the HUD works on a list-by-list basis gives you fantastic flexibility and means that you can email any list or combination of lists to yourself or create a wallpaper of just the top items from any individual list (the current version of Done creates a wallpaper based on your combined list).

Manual sorting

As before, Done allows you to shake your phone to sort your list of items by either priority or date order, depending on your settings. With Done 2.0 you can also arrange items manually.

Done 2.0 allows manual sorting of tasks

Done 2.0 allows manual sorting of tasks

One of the many things users really like about Done is its simple, uncluttered interface and we’ve tried to keep that in Done 2.0. So the challenge was to find a way to add new features without adding loads of new buttons. Because Done is developed exclusively for the iPhone we always wanted to take full advantage of its capabilities – if the phone can detect a shake, why not use that to sort instead of adding a sort button?

We’ve carried this thinking through to Done 2.0 – so to enter manual edit mode you simply hold your finger on an item for a second then release it. A sound will confirm that you’re now in edit mode and the drag handles and delete buttons will appear. Now rearrange your items to your heart’s content and tap the screen to exit edit mode.

Item’s dates and priorities will change as you rearrange them, so dragging a priority 1 item down the list past a priority 2 item will change its priority to 2. It all works exactly as you’d expect and is incredibly useful in fine-tuning your list of tasks.

Working with lists

One of Done’s existing features is the ability to create separate lists of tasks and view them either individually or combined into one master list. Done 2.0 takes this one step further by allowing you to turn individual lists on or off. Have a look at the screengrabs below to see how this works.

Done 2.0 showing with all lists switched on...

...and some lists switched off

Notice how the master list (at the top) changes from All with 84 items to Selected with 40 items. Lists that have been switched off don’t show up in the combined list and their items aren’t added to the icon badge. This really helps when you want to focus on a particular set of tasks as you can now view the contents of your lists in any combination you choose – you might want to turn off all your work lists at the weekend for example.

New striped theme

There’s also a smart new striped theme – don’t worry, it’s optional so if you prefer the old lined look, it’s still available.

Done's smart new striped theme - black stripes

And specially for Jack - the white stripes

We’ll update the user guide soon but in the meantime, download the free update (or even buy a copy), have a play and let us know what you think. If you like what we’ve Done (pun intended) please leave a good review and let us know…

17 Responses to “Done 2.0 is available now”

  1. Mark Says:

    What a great surprise! You must have read my mind because
    Done now has all the things I could have wished for. Splendid.

  2. Massimo Says:

    I find your new version 2.0 of “Done” very, very nice!

    Your app remains simple to use and with a “clean” look, but with some useful features added… I particularly appreciate also the white striped theme!

    Now I may only suggest for the future to group tasks by some defined due dates (i.e. for example “today”, “tomorrow”, “soon”, “later”, “no date”, etc), through a title line at the beginning of each group; this feature could be even inserted as an option in the setting menu.

    Your app is really the best for me among others in his category in the Apple store!

    Finally, a word to whom is thinking that this new version is much more complicated: see the other To-Do app, they are REALLY complicated! And this is REALLY simple!

    Good bye!

    • chillix Says:

      Hi Massimo

      Thanks for the kind words – we’ll have a think about how we could implement your request as easily as possible.

  3. Leyton Says:

    Love the new striped theme – not a fan of HUD though. Can there be an option to turn this off on the next version and just have the big delete button again? Or make the “email” and “wallpaper” very small buttons. When you add up the number of times you use Delete vs Email vs Wallpaper it is not 1:1:1 like the HUD is set out. Bring back the big easy to use delete button!

    • chillix Says:

      Hi Leyton

      Thanks for the feedback – it’s interesting to see how differently people use Done. We had a lot of feedback from people saying they didn’t use the big delete button because they often didn’t want to delete ALL their completed tasks, just some of them. It seems many people prefer to manually delete some tasks individually by swiping them and then turn other ones back on.

      I myself, found that I wasn’t using the big delete all button as much as I originally did. We figured that we’d keep the big button and make it more useful by working on a list-by-list basis ie. some lists you probably will want to delete all completed items, others you might not. And since the wallpaper and email function also work on a list-by-list basis it seems to make sense to share the screen with the delete button.

      Let’s throw the question open to everybody – what do you think of the new HUD?

  4. Jono Says:

    (from older done blog)

    Just got Done 2.0, congratulations on the release.

    I noticed straight away however that the easy to find wallpaper button on the main screen has been removed, please bring it back urgently! Done is supposed to be simple but moving the wallpaper button to a hidden screen has made in much more complicated in my opinion. I want to be able to use done all the time without having to constantly rotate my iphone.

    Also, is it possible to continue the striped theme into the wallpaper screenshot?

    @ Massimo; if you’re referring to me as the one who said done is complicated, i didn’t mean it exactly like that. What i meant was that moving the wallpaper button made it ‘more’ complicated than it was previously, but overall yes, i agree that done is a nicely simple to do app in comparison to all the other to do apps available.

    • chillix Says:

      Hi Jono

      Thanks for the feedback – it’s interesting to see how differently people use Done. We’ve had a lot of requests for the Wallpaper button to work on a list-by-list basis and the only way to do that was to take it off of the main list screen and put it on each list screen.

      Since we really didn’t want to add clutter and we already had the new email button to find a home for it seemed obvious to put it in the landscape view.

      It seems most users keep Done on the combined list view so and many complained about having to go to the list screen to access the Wallpaper button.

      It’s true what they say – ‘you can’t please everybody’ 😦

      As for striped wallpapers – I don’t see why not. We’ll add it to the list!

    • Massimo Says:

      @ Jono: really I did not specifically refer to you, maybe yours was only last post in that way… I saw also others before!
      However the question is that I rarely use the wallpaper button: probably you do it often, and woud like to do it in the fastest way.
      Well, I personally think that Chilli X has decided an original manner to do certain actions when created “Done”, and the H.U.D. follows and develops this style.
      They have now improved their App, and something had probably to be changed to obtain something more… However I believe that the sacrifice has not been excessive, and the advantages are bigger for all of us users.

  5. Jono Says:

    Is it possible to have both a combined list wallpaper button AND an isolated list wallpaper button?

    To avoid confusion if the original ‘combined list’ button could be brought back; whenever it is clicked a message could appear with the title “Combined List Wallpaper Created”

    Similarly, when the iphone/ipod is rotated whilst viewing a single list, the message that is displayed when the new button is clicked could be “Single List Wallpaper Created”

    I’m certainly no programmer so any comments on whether this is possible or not would be appreciated 😛

  6. Mike Says:

    Release 2.0 is fantastic – makes an already great App almost perfect.

    What I would like to make it perfect is the ability to have folders within folders – how about it?

    • chillix Says:

      Hi Mike

      Thanks for the feedback. I guess you mean sub-tasks ie. create a Holiday item in your personal list and have the ability to add sub-tasks to it like, book the flight, pack my bag etc…?

      It’s possible that we’ll add something like this in a future version of Done but in the meantime why not try stepping up a level? Instead of creating Holiday as an item why not create it as a list? Use colour coding to identify similar lists (ie. all blue lists are personal) and then choose what’s visible in the main list by switching individual lists on and off…

  7. David Says:

    Best to do app ever used! However, I find it annoying that I had to enter regular to do chores each time rather than having the option to select a ‘repeat every day, week or month’ button. It shouldn’t be too difficult to add that feature to make it an all round must have to do app. Still Great job guys.

  8. Massimo Says:

    Hi and Happy New Year!

    About a poll to decide on the next feature for “Done” (that’s interesting for me), I would like to know when do you think to start it, and mainly in which manner will we notified about it?
    I have subscribed this blog and also the other one on “Done”: will you publish a post here?


  9. Robin Frisch Says:

    This is the best To Do list I have ever had! I just wish it was easier to create the wallpaper, rather than go into Camera and then Settings. Other than that, it is the best! I love the sound effects!!!

    • chillix Says:

      Thanks for the kind words Robin. We wish it was easier to set the wallpapers too! We were really hoping that iOS 4.0 would allow us to do that automatically, but no such luck. Fingers crossed for iOS 5.0 🙂

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