Done 2.0 – new Heads Up Display

This is the fifth (and possibly final) post talking about the forthcoming update to Done, our iPhone & iPod touch To Do list app.

The current version of Done presents you with an easy way to delete all your completed items – just rotate the phone into landscape mode to get the big ‘Delete all completed items’ button. Done 2.0, available shortly, takes this to the next level…

Done 2 wide

Now, when you rotate your phone you’ll be presented with our new HUD (Heads Up Display) which gives you three choices: Delete all completed items, Email your list to yourself or others and Wallpaper – save your most important items to your Camera Roll so that you can set them as your wallpaper.

The fact that the HUD works on a list-by-list basis gives you fantastic flexibility and means that you can email any list or combination of lists to yourself or create a wallpaper of just the top items from any individual list (the current version of Done creates a wallpaper based on your combined list).

Done 2.0 will be available shortly.


8 Responses to “Done 2.0 – new Heads Up Display”

  1. Daniel Says:

    All these updates sound great!
    When can we expect them?

    • chillix Says:

      Hi Daniel

      We’ll be submitting the app in a few days time – well let you know exactly when we’ve done it. Then it’s all down to Apple’s approval process I’m afraid…

  2. Nick Says:

    I will NEVER use the email ( I use itouch with no wifi, but would not use this anyhow) nor the wallpaper “function” (I can screenshot it anyway if i wanted to do that). This will otherwise spoil the simplicity of the DONE! screen in landscape. It was nice as it was SIMPLE and a contrast to the micromanaging of our tasks in the list view. Please, as you go this route, give us the option to retain the old format of single button.

    Also a bug needs fixing with shaking the app – it removes the options.


    • chillix Says:

      Hi Nick

      A lot of people have been asking for the email feature and the ability to create wallpapers on a list by list basis and this seemed like the obvious way of adding them without adding more buttons to the main interface – sorry you don’t approve.

      We’ll add a ‘Simple’ option to the feature request list and see what everybody else thinks.

      Regarding the bug you mention – can you give us a few more details? What options get removed from where when you shake? It’s not something we’ve seen…

      • Nick Says:

        Ive emailed the details of the bug for you – thank you.

        With the “simple” or “classic” mode, it would be useful. Emailing the lists Im sure will be good for people and high on others customers feature requests; hoping to have the best of both worlds!

        Aside from what I personally think is appealing about the original one big “nuke” button as a contrast, it is also that I know I’ll end up accidentally and repeatedly pressing one of those two other options. Obviously clearing tasks, is a going to be done often and with a rotation and animation in accessing the screen, accidents will happen. Then I’ll be continually adding screenshots, that I don’t want, that I’ll have to keep emptying (presumably Apple hasnt shifting on its lack of support of automatic wallpaper setting by an app) or worse I’ll be kicked out of the app (again) to “email myself” (so-called, even though i’m 90% of the time not connected) in the midst of things everytime.

        Hope that explains at bit more why!


  3. Dede Says:

    I just purchased Done this past weekend and love it! I had been in search of just the right task list program and found it with your app! Great job!

    I would like to make one request for future updates. It would be nice to have sub-categories. For example if I have a category called “Shopping” it would be nice to make sub-categories in like “Groceries” “Clothes” “Gifts” etc.

    Keep up the good work!

    • chillix Says:

      Hi Dede

      Thanks for the kind words and feedback. I’ve added your request to the list of feature requests (it’s a big list).

      In the meantime, why not using color coding as a substitute ie. create several shopping lists and make each one black. And with Done 2.0’s ability to switch individual lists on and off you can pretty much achieve what you’re after…

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