Done 2.0 – manual sorting

This is the fourth post talking about the forthcoming update to Done, our iPhone & iPod touch To Do list app.

The current version of Done allows you to shake your phone to sort your list of items by either priority or date order, depending on your settings. When Done 2.0 is released shortly, you’ll also be able to arrange items manually.

Done 2.0 allows manual sorting of tasks

Done 2.0 allows manual sorting of tasks

One of the many things users really like about Done is its simple, uncluttered interface and we’ve tried to keep that in Done 2.0. So the challenge was to find a way to add new features without adding loads of new buttons. Because Done is developed exclusively for the iPhone we always wanted to take full advantage of its capabilities – if the phone can detect a shake, why not use that to sort instead of adding a sort button?

We’ve carried this thinking through to Done 2.0 – so to enter manual edit mode you simply hold your finger on an item for a second then release it. A sound will confirm that you’re now in edit mode and the drag handles and delete buttons will appear. Now rearrange your items to your heart’s content and tap the screen to exit edit mode.

Item’s dates and priorities will change as you rearrange them, so dragging a priority 1 item down the list past a priority 2 item will change its priority to 2. It all works exactly as you’d expect and is incredibly useful in fine-tuning your list of tasks.

Done 2.0 will be available shortly.


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