Done dates – help

One of our Done users is experiencing a strange problem that we’ve never seen before (hi Edward!).

Occasionally some of the dates on his dated items slip by one day – Christmas on the 24th December for example. Nobody else has ever reported this happening (in fact, Done is probably our most smooth running app) and we can’t replicate it here no matter how hard we try.

So if anybody out there has had the same problem, please let us know and give us as much info as you can – device, time, date, region settings etc. Thanks.


6 Responses to “Done dates – help”

  1. Saraqael Says:

    just a quick thought, sometimes the simplest of things can be overlooked, I do it quite often myself, but does his date/time on his iphone change? and would using iphones date/time-zone settings do much? I’m assuming Done runs its d/t off the iphones core stuff yeah?

    • Saraqael Says:

      as in, does he use/can he check ifhis iphones calendar displays the same change? effectively ruling out done and pointing a hairy finger at his iphone?

      • chillix Says:

        Yeah, we thought of that but it doesn’t seem to be the case. We also thought he might be moving between time zones lots or some other weird date, time, region settings thing but apparently not…

        Thanks for the thoughts though.

  2. Daniel Says:

    Done worked perfect for me from day one, no problems.
    Has he uninstalled & reinstalled the program?

  3. Saraqael Says:

    Wow, bit slow slow around here, made any head wind on this issue?

    • chillix Says:

      Nope – it’s a strange one. We are convinced that he is having this problem and it’s not a case of ‘user error’ (as are so many of our support issues) but we can’t replicate it and nobody else seems to be experiencing it…

      Frustrating but it might just be ‘one of those things’ ie. a problem that only seems to affect one user on their particular setup.

      Here’s hoping Done 2.0 solves the problem.

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