Done 2.0 – even more details

This is the third post talking about the forthcoming update to Done, our iPhone & iPod touch To Do list app.

One of Done’s existing features is the ability to create separate lists of tasks and view them either individually or combined into one master list. Done 2.0 takes this one step further by allowing you to turn individual lists on or off. Have a look at the screengrabs below to see how this works.

Done 2.0 showing with all list switched on

Done 2.0 with all lists switched on

Done 2.0 with some lists switched off

Done 2.0 with some lists switched off

Notice how the master list (at the top) changes from All with 84 items to Selected with 40 items. Lists that have been switched off don’t show up in the combined list and their items aren’t added to the icon badge. This really helps when you want to focus on a particular set of tasks as you can now view the contents of your lists in any combination you choose – you might want to turn off all your work lists at the weekend for example.

Notice our shiny new Help & Settings buttons at the bottom of the screen? Done 2.0 is in the final stages of testing – all the features are complete and working perfectly – we’re just doing a bit of last minute polishing. Stay tuned for the next blog entry detailing more new features.


One Response to “Done 2.0 – even more details”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Funny you post this, I just left positive feedback for Done at Apple last night. 😀
    Sorry I took so long, great App!

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