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One of the great things about our Chilli X Crazy Birthday Bonanza weekend is that we’ve now got thousands of new users – and that means thousands of new testers.

Although we always test our apps as thoroughly as we can before we release them, there’s no substitute for thousands of real users bashing away at them in ways we never imagined. As a result of this we’ve been able to come up with a pretty comprehensive bug list. When we say ‘bugs’ we mean problems that we can replicate and that several users have reported. Not everybody will get these issues – which is strange as the iPhone is touted as a single platform – theoretically all apps should run exactly the same on all iPhones. The really strange ones are the ones we can’t replicate and that only one user is having and that no amount of tech support can resolve…

If you’ve encountered any of these problems, rest assured we’re working on fixes and will get them out asap. If you think we’ve missed anything, please let us know.


Our latest app RandomPlay has only been out a couple of weeks and we’re already having a few reports of problems. Some people have reported that the app is refusing to launch. So far they all seem to have iPod touches with large memories and lots of music. If you’re having a problem please get in touch so that we can work out what the common factor is.

Playlist Alarm Clock
The ability to playback podcasts is broken since OS 3.1.
Turning off the screen stops the music in Sleep mode.
Crash for some foreign users when trying to set a wake up time and playlist (changing region settings to US, then launching P.A.C, then changing them back again resolves this).

The ability to playback podcasts is broken since OS 3.1

Prank BioScanner
Adding two word options in the text entry fields causes the app to crash upon completion of a scan

Some users see blank pages with no time (changing region settings to US, then launching AboutTime, then changing them back again resolves this).

That looks like quite a lot but luckily none of them are too serious and most can be worked around. Even so, we’re trying to fix everything as quickly as we can and will keep you up too date here.

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