Birthday Bonanza update

Just a few hours left in our Chilli X Birthday Bonanza…


As far as we’re concerned it’s been spectacularly successful – however, as a result, we are drowning in a sea of thank yous, suggestions and tech support. We normally answer this stuff really promptly but we’re a bit swamped at the moment so please bear with us if we haven’t got back to you yet.

We’ve also a fair few complaints about the Playlist Alarm Clock situation (despite our best efforts we haven’t been able to make this one free) so apologies to all those people that were really hoping for a free copy of P.A.C but please cut us some slack – everything else was free!

One Response to “Birthday Bonanza update”

  1. a Says:

    Congrats on your first year 🙂 I’ll admit I was disappointed that the PAC app wasn’t made free, but it’s all good.

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