Playlist Alarm Clock still not free – sorry

Just a quick update on the situation regarding Playlist Alarm Clock.

Despite our best efforts, P.A.C is still not free. For reasons known only to God & Steve Jobs, the App Store is not giving us the option to make it free. Bizarre as it sounds, when we go into edit the app’s details the ‘free’ option is missing from the drop down price list. We’re as baffled as you guys and have contacted Apple Tech Support, so far with no response.

We’ll keep on trying to reduce the price over the rest of the weekend and keep you updated. Sorry.

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2 Responses to “Playlist Alarm Clock still not free – sorry”

  1. Kento Ito Says:

    I really wanted this app for free, but I guess we can’t

    I think Apple locked it this way, since Apple can see that converting paid app to free can be abused, since the in-app purchase policy requires that apps have to be paid. Apple might think that developers would give this app for free, then charge the app later, with update to add in app purchase. they see that converting to free app feature could be abused this way.

    • chillix Says:

      Hi Kento

      I don’t think it’s deliberate on Apple’s part. The only thing we can think of is that somehow the database entry for the app has been corrupted in some way and it thinks it contains in-app purchases. You’re right in that these apps cannot be made free. But P.A.C is just a standard app the same as our others but for whatever reason no option to make it free…

      We’ll post an update on the situation if Apple ever get back to us but in the meantime, it is only 99c…

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