Spotlight on PhotoFrame

To help you decide what apps to download  for free in this weekend’s Crazy Birthday Bonanza we’re going to have a quick look at some of our more popular apps.

PhotoFrame - turn your iPhone into a beautiful digital photoframe

PhotoFrame - turn your iPhone into a beautiful digital photoframe

What better place to start than with PhotoFrame, our first app? PhotoFrame probably best sums up the Chilli X philosophy towards creating apps – take a simple concept and execute it beautifully. In this case, the idea was to give us something better to look at while our phone’s were sitting in their dock charging.

Just make a selection of your favorite photos, family, places or pets (as above:) – anything you like, and PhotoFrame will cycle through them. You can set the time between images or tap or shake to go to the next image. And you get the bonus of a time and date display.

Lots of people seem to like it and there’s an update in the pipeline to add a landscape mode. Here’s a few user comments:

DJ_Velocity 5 stars

Love it! Looks so clean and sharp! Great way to display your iPhone while charging it on your desk.

DrKoob 5 stars

Outstanding. For me, this may be the best iPhone app I have bought. I work in a office and 90% of the time my phone is sitting in its cradle and until now, it was worthless in the cradle. Now, it is a very cool photo frame, clock and calendar.

spectrum+ 5 stars

I LOVE this app. Perfect for use as a desktop digital picture frame.

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