Playlist Alarm Clock 1.4

The latest update to Playlist Alarm Clock has just appeared in the App Store.

P.A.C 1.3 - note the new Shuffle button

P.A.C 1.4 - now works unplugged

This latest version now works whether your iPhone is plugged in or not. We originally envisioned that people would mainly use P.A.C when their device was on charge at night, but it seems a lot of you want to use it on battery power. Version 1.4 should sound the alarm under any circumstances as long as the app is running – the phone can be plugged in or not, the screen can be on, dim or off – it’s up to you.

We’ve been quite busy with P.A.C since it was first launched, adding separate volume controls for each playlist, screen dimming, random play and now a more robust alarm system. What features would you like to see next?

6 Responses to “Playlist Alarm Clock 1.4”

  1. Doug Says:

    More control over the fade out volume and timing. Like keeping the set volume for a settable te then fade out over 15 mins. Right now I set 60 mind and 100% and after 20 mins I can’t hear it anymore.

  2. Cameron Says:

    Would like to be able to set the alarm, lock the iPhone, and have alarm still function.

    • chillix Says:

      Hi Cameron

      unless we’re talking at cross purposes, you should be able to do just that. By ‘lock the phone’ do you mean press the power button on the top so that the screen goes off? If so, then P.A.C should work perfectly well…

      The only circumstances that P.A.C’s alarm won’t go off are if you quit out of the application (by pressing the home button) or turn the phone off fully (by holding the power button down and sliding the red ‘slide to power off’ switch…

      Let us know if you’re still having problems.

  3. Gonzalo Says:

    Hi we i use pac and lock thé iPhone, top Burton, pac stop. It hapen seen i update thé version to 1.4.
    I can’t sleep if thé lite is on. I nées to lock thé iPhone so thé lite get off. But pac get of too. 😦

    • chillix Says:

      Hi Gonzalo

      we’re looking into this now but you might have found a bug introduced in 1.4. If this is the case, we’ll get an update out as soon as possible.

      In the meantime, remember that you can dim the screen by tapping the time display (or place the phone face down?)

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

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