Playlist Alarm Clock 1.3 out now

Just updating this post to let you know that Playlist Alarm Clock, our iPhone and iPod touch clock that let’s you choose which music to listen to an night and in the morning, is now available in the App Store.

P.A.C 1.3 - note the new Shuffle button

P.A.C 1.3 - note the new Shuffle button

New in this version of P.A.C (1.3) adds the following features to the mix:

Random Play – just click the new Shuffle button (bottom left of the screen) to activate shuffle mode so that you won’t have to wake up to the same song every morning.

Podcasts – we found a way of activating podcasts! So now you can drift off to sleep (probably) listening to your favorite podcasts or even wake up to them (less likely?).

Bug Fix – some people were finding that their screen was switching off when they didn’t want it to (ie. P.A.C wasn’t overriding the Auto Off setting). This was a tricky one to track down as it wasn’t affecting all users and some of the ones it did, found that turning the screen back on sorted out the problem, others didn’t. Anyway, bottom line is we’re pretty sure we’ve fixed it.

Please let us know of any continuing problems after you’ve got the new version (hopefully any day soon).

3 Responses to “Playlist Alarm Clock 1.3 out now”

  1. Arnel Says:

    thanks fo the info..will try this Playlist Alarm Clock ! 🙂

  2. Solobrown Says:

    Not sure how to delete songs once choosen

    • chillix Says:

      Hi Solobrown

      There’s no way to edit or delete playlists as of yet (Apple don’t provide a way to developers and we haven’t found a workaround)

      But – just choose some more songs and they will replace the currently chosen songs rather than being added to them. In other words each time you choose some songs you’re creating a new playlist that replaces the current one – does that make sense?

      There’s an FAQs section on the blog that might be worth reading:


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