PlaySafe is here

After what seems like an age, PlaySafe is finally available in the App Store.

PlaySafe - isten to your iPod safely when driving

PlaySafe - listen to your iPod safely when driving

PlaySafe was designed purely to make listening to music in the car easier (and therefore safer). If you listen to music (or podcasts) in the car, you need this app. It could save your life.

Instead of fiddling with tiny onscreen controls, we’ve made the whole screen one giant button. Choose what you want to listen to (before you start driving!) and PlaySafe will automatically start playing as soon as it’s launched. Tap anywhere to pause/play the music or swipe left or right to skip tracks. It’s so easy you can do it without looking at the screen!

Although PlaySafe looks pretty simple, we’ve put a lot of thought and effort into it.ย When you first launch the app you’ll see the set up screen:

PlaySafe - set up screen

PlaySafe - set up screen

Tap the ‘Tunes’ button and choose what you want to listen to, exactly as you would from the iPod app ie. select an album or existing playlist or create your own specific mix for the journey ahead. As soon as you press ‘Done’ the music starts playing.

PlaySafe widescreen mode

PlaySafe widescreen mode

Beautiful on-screen icons fade in and out and the text intelligently scales to make best use of the available space. There’s a widescreen mode so that you can use PlaySafe no matter how your iPhone is mounted.

PlaySafe's built in help screen

PlaySafe's built in help screen

We’ve even added a built in help section in case you get stuck. As per usual, we’d love to know what you think of PlaySafe and what features you’d like us to add to future versions.

PlaySafe - look for it in the App Store now

PlaySafe - look for it in the App Store now

23 Responses to “PlaySafe is here”

  1. mochasync Says:

    Ok, this app is awesome! I can only imagine Apple’s reaction when they saw this application… “wow, we should have thought of this.”

  2. Daniel Says:

    This is an app I will use daily! Thank you guys so much! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Jason Says:

    First off i’d like to say that Playsafe is just what i’ve been looking for, when i drive my car I have my ipod touch 2G in a dock on the dash and it’s near on impossible to read the artist and track info let alone dangerous using the standard apple music app. Playsafe makes it much easier to read info from my ipod.

    I use a product from Connects2 in the UK that provides a direct link between my stereo and ipod allowing me to use the stereo head unit or steering wheel stalks to skip songs etc. This works perfectly with the standard ipod music player, but i have issues using it with Playsafe.
    If i set up a playlist in Playsafe and start it playing its fine. As soon as I try to skip a song using the steering wheel stalks or stereo, Playsafe starts playing the 1st track listed in My Music library, then the second and so on completely disregarding the playlist I have setup. The only way for me to stick with the playlist is to leave it running without skipping songs or to use the Playsafe gestures to skip songs.
    Was really just wondering if this was a known bug in the software or not really, and whether it was fixable?
    Hope all of that makes sense, if you need anymore info please contact me via email.

    • chillix Says:

      Hi Jason

      we’re not familiar with the product you use but you’ve given us pretty detailed feedback so we understand the issue perfectly. We’ll have a look into it for you and see if we can find a solution.

  4. cgarst Says:

    This app would work great for me if it had the ability to work as a front end for the native iPod service.

    The reason is my iPod connection on my car forces my iPhone into Accessory Mode. Being able to use a front end on my iPhone while still connected to the car (steering controls, dashboard song title, etc) would be great.

    • chillix Says:

      Hi cgarst

      we’re definitely looking into adding an option for PlaySafe to just control iTunes ie. not to have it’s own playlist. This might help…

  5. David Cohen Says:

    Disappointed on purchasing to find that it doesn’t support podcasts at all. That’s one of my primary listens in the car, and neither my ordered podcast playlist or the iPod Podcasts section show anything from within the app.

    Can you add that to the next release, please?

    • chillix Says:

      Hi David

      Sorry about that – PlaySafe did support podcasts until Apple changed something under the hood with OS 3.1. We’re looking into it now and will get a new version out asap…

  6. Steve BC Says:

    I just bought PlaySafe because it is indeed a good idea. However, it isn’t truly convenient for me. I have about 225 songs in a playlist that I load onto my iPhone. Since I want to hear all the songs over time without repetition (via use of Shuffle), in iPod app I list everything by alpha (by song title) and play from A to Z (no shuffle). SInce this is something I usually do over many listening sessions, I remember where in the iPod list I stopped in my last session, and I tell iPod to start there in my current session. PlaySafe starts up always on the first song in the list and takes a substantial amount of time to switch from one song to the next by brushing right-to-left. That long brush time is a feature for safer driving, but it means that I cannot get to where I left off last time. It’s too inconvenient. You either need to make PlaySafe (reliably) remember the song I stopped on the last time it was open (when I am not using Shuffle), or give me a very easy way to get to a specific song (either an alpha listing I can scroll or a real-time search function). I also want to be able to use more than 250 songs. Is the memory problem associated with iPod or PlaySafe? If PlaySafe, please make it not-memory-constrained.

    Thanks. For now I will use it with Shuffle when I am driving.

    • chillix Says:

      Hi Steve

      thanks for the detailed feedback. One of the things we’ve learned from doing PlaySafe (and our other music related app, Playlist Alarm Clock) is the amazing amount of ways that people listen to music on their iPhones/iPods.

      I can see that I too have evolved my own particular ways of listening (you should see my smart playlists). In fact the iPhone itself doesn’t quite meet my needs in some areas, hence a couple more music based apps that we’ve got coming soon…

      One of the suggestions we’ve had for PlaySafe is to allow it to just become a ‘front end’ for the iPod ie. set up your music in the iPod app, start it playing then switch to PlaySafe when you get in the car. It seems that might solve your issue… We’ll keep you updated, here on the blog.

      • Daniel Says:

        That sounds like a very workable answer and work around for the OS. ๐Ÿ™‚
        Hope you can do it because I love using the app in my car!
        Wish it worked on my iPod ( one of the oldies).

  7. Jeff Says:

    Looks and works great, as long as you don’t have a screenlock enabled. Either create a similar interface to overlay the lockscreen, or provide an option that allows the lockscreen to be disabled while running PlaySafe.

    • chillix Says:

      Hi Jeff

      PlaySafe should override the screenlock so if if you’re having problems there must be something wrong. We’ll contact you by email and see if we can sort it out.

  8. Xander Says:

    After reading “Steve BC’s” input, I’m much in the same boat. I’ve been trying to become more disciplined at listening to podcasts in the car. I noticed that PlaySafe didn’t recognize podcasts; it would say the listing was empty when it wasn’t so I made a “Recent Podcasts” smart playlist.

    I don’t even mind so much that PlaySafe is starting from the top of the list as it’s impossible to use when you want to pick up an hour-long podcast halfway through.

    The “front end” idea has a lot of merit; start up the iPod/Music app to pick your source and (with the Music app in the background), have Playsafe be primarily ‘big buttons’ for it.

  9. LewS Says:

    I too love PlaySafe — in addition to being useful in the car, I find it very useful when I’m flying. In the airport waiting room, I keep my iPod Touch in my shirt pocket (screen side out), so that when they start an announcement I can just tap my pocket to pause my audiobook until I find out if the announcement is about my upcoming flight. Similarly, while on the plane, I can easily pause the audiobook when the captain or flight attendants make an announcement.

    Like previous commenters, I wish it still supported podcasts — one of the primary things I listen to on my iPod. I’ll look forward to it being fixed.

    I also agree that it would be excellent to be able to simply start the iPod where I wanted it, and then run Playsafe to take over the controls.

    Great job! I look forward to the upcoming releases.

    • chillix Says:

      Hi LewS

      Thanks for the feedback – all points taken on board! It’s interesting to see how people are using PlaySafe in ways we’d never thought of…

  10. Michael Says:

    Love this app – well done. Got a question and a suggestion for you.

    How can I clear the added playlist? I’d like to start over with some fresh music and remove some tracks from the list.

    As this app is mostly designed to be used “in car” – is there anything you can do to stop the screen fading out / dimming? It would be great if the album art stayed on-screen.

    Thanks again – I use a lot of your apps. Cheers

    • chillix Says:

      Hi Michael

      Thanks for the feedback. There’s no way to clear the playlist as such, just create a new one and it will automatically overwrite the existing one.

      PlaySafe is designed to override the auto shutoff function of the phone so you shouldn’t be seeing the screen fading out/dimming. We’ll contact you via email and get some more details about your setup and see if we can fix it…

      • Michael Says:

        Hi Chillix

        Thanks for the quick reply.

        I was finding if I had a playlist of 100 songs, then put in a new one of another 100 – I ended up with 200 songs. Sometimes not so good.

        Not sure what was happening with my iPhone the other day – I was sure it was fading out when I was using Play Safe. I took it for a spin yesterday and had no problems – worked as advertised.

        Might give it a better test again tonight / tomorrow and confirm one way or the other.

        Thanks again.

  11. darren Says:

    hi… i have been using playsafe since xmas and find it is great – just what i need when driving my car.
    i know playsafe was brought out primarily for use in the car but i also use playsafe inhouse daily – connect it to the stereo and use playsafe just like the jukebox in the pub.
    i have a couple of suggestions to consider in future playsafe releases if possible….

    an option to view the playlist while listening to it – i like to know what
    songs are coming up.
    an option to add/delete songs to the playist you are listening to
    without it deleting the current playlist.
    playsafe to start from the last song you were listening to.
    a bar across the top or bottom that slides along so you can see how
    long the song is and how long left.

    like i said i know playsafe was brought out primarily for use in the car
    but a passenger could do this not the driver.
    congratulations on a great application which for me is the most used app
    on my itouch as it is used only for listening to music and i dont have to carry hundreds of cds around.
    thanks … darren

    • chillix Says:

      Hi Darren

      Glad to hear you like PlaySafe and thanks for the suggestions. I don’t know if you’ve seen our latest app, RandomPlay, but that might give you some of what you’re after.

      You can certainly see what’s coming up and delete anything you don’t like the look of.

      As for the other points, we’re working on some of them already ๐Ÿ™‚

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