While we’re (still) waiting for the release of PlaySafe and Playlist Alarm Clock 1.3 we thought we’d give you a little peek at our next app – Juice.

Juice - the biggest and brightest iPhone battery app

Juice - the biggest and brightest iPhone battery app

A while ago a few of our users asked if we could do a battery status app. At the time (ie. before OS 3.0) it wasn’t possible and to be honest we couldn’t see the need for it.

Now that the App Store is awash with battery apps it seems that a lot of people want them – and who are we to argue? So we thought we’d set about making the best battery status app there was. We looked at the competition and were frankly not impressed – most have dreadful graphics or use bought in stock images of batteries (in fact, some of them use the same pictures). Juice was the result.

We’ll tell you more about it soon and when to look out for it in the App Store.


3 Responses to “Juice”

  1. Daniel Says:

    From the image, the graphic looks good! I hope you can set a badge alert when power is at 50% or less.

    Also, couldn’t you add this feature to StarTime as a Warp Core image?
    Or at lest a TREK version of Juice?

  2. chillix Says:

    Hi Daniel

    Thanks for the great ideas. A badge icon won’t be in version 1.0 of Juice but we’ll add it soon.

    After the trouble we had getting StarTime out we’re not too keen on another Trek themed app at the moment 🙂

  3. Daniel Says:

    Juice looks and sounds great!
    Love the choose of graphics.

    I have a 1st generation iPhone but in the Juice App it lists it as a
    iPhone 2G. Thought I should let you know.

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