Playlist Alarm Clock update

The latest update to Playlist Alarm Clock is taking an unusually long time to go live (10 days and counting…)

This update (1.2) adds screen dimming functionality, but the next version (1.3) is also ready and adds random play as well as fixing a bug that was causing some users screens to switch off. The dilemma for developers in this situation is:

a) pull the current version that’s in review even though it might go live any minute (there’s no way of knowing) and jump to the back of the queue again or

b) wait for the release of the current version and delay the next version even more…

I wish there was a way of lining up releases and checking on their status (a little progress bar would be nice). Come on Apple, you’re good at this stuff, you should be able to design a much better experience for developers…


4 Responses to “Playlist Alarm Clock update”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Well, I really want those updates but I know Apple can be very “anal” on
    how it dose things. Maybe you should just post the updates in order.
    I wouldn’t want Apple to freeze your app to check if you’re trying to
    bye pass “T&S.” Others tried, get freeze or removed.

  2. Ben Says:

    Cheers for the last update, volume contol is very handy. I personally think the shuffle option alot more usefull than screen dimming as I lock the screen anyway, plus I’m going to sleep. But as the previous comment states, if it’s going to cause a problem release them in order. Also the bar at the top is of no imprtance to me as my eyes are shut when I’m sleeping. Congrats on the great app, prob the most useful I’ve downloaded so far. Keep up the good work chaps.

  3. Daniel Says:

    “dimming functionality” is a must for me!

  4. chillix Says:

    As you can see from the above comments, it’s tough keeping everybody happy šŸ™‚

    We just wish Apple would release them as fast as we can write them.

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