Playlist Alarm Clock screen dimming

We’re expecting the latest version of P.A.C (1.2) our Playlist Alarm Clock for the iPhone & iPod touch, to go live any day now.

This is just a quick release to give you a feature that lots of you have been requesting – screen dimming. Now you can leave the screen on at night without a distracting glow.

P.A.C screen on full. Tap the large time display to...

P.A.C screen on full. Tap the large time display to...

...dim the screen

...dim the screen

The main time display window (7.25 in the example above) acts as a toggle for the dimmer – tap once and the dimmer comes on, tap again and the dimmer goes off.

We’ve discovered that we can’t dim the status bar at the top of the screen – what do you think, is this a big issue? Should we remove the status bar altogether or is it useful to see any of that info whilst you’re using P.A.C? Let us know what you think…


7 Responses to “Playlist Alarm Clock screen dimming”

  1. Tekoo Says:

    I’d say remove the status bar. Why?

    1. Time is already displayed…
    2. No need to know the battery status for better leave the device on charge while running the app or else it would die pretty fast or be really on wake up…
    3. Being asleep, why would you need to know about your reception…

  2. Mónica Says:

    Hola! Quisiera saber porque no puedo activar la alarma de me muestra la hora para poder activarla.

    • chillix Says:

      Hola Mónica

      Por favor, disculpe nuestro pobre español. Este apartado de nuestras preguntas frecuentes puede ayudar:

      “Algunos usuarios están experimentando un accidente cuando se hace clic sobre la ventana tras la creación de listas de reproducción de despertador. La cuestión parece estar vinculada a la región el formato de sus iPhones – Configuración General> Internacional> Región Formato Reino Unido a resolver el problema y se capaz de volver a su región elegido sin más problemas. Si usted está experimentando el mismo problema en cualquier otra parte del mundo, por favor, háganoslo saber. ”
      Por favor, háganos saber si esto ha ayudado.

  3. Paul Says:


    great app, so glad someone has put a gentle awake function in an alarm clock! Here are a few comments. I would remove the status bar, it doesn’t really serve any purpose. And a quick suggestion, how about different themes? I have noticed that the brushed metal style is still too bright even with the screen dimmed AND the iPhone brightness turned right down. Perhaps some darker colours or something. Other than that great app! Keep up the good work and updates!



    • chillix Says:

      Hi Paul
      thanks for the feedback – we originally designed a dark night skin for P.A.C but didn’t get around to implementing skins in the first release (figuring there was already an unusually large number of options for users to deal with).

      It is on the list of features to add in the near future though.

  4. Kula Jon Says:

    Hi, the screen should be able to go completely black. No glow what so ever unless you tap then maybe a 3 second low glow to read the time. I can’t stand alarm apps that are, basically, night lights. If I needed or wanted a nightlight I’d go buy one for a buck at the hardware store. I do like the clean lines to your apps. Keep up the good work.

    • chillix Says:

      Hi Kula Jon

      You’re right, he screen should go black and indeed it did until introducing a new feature in the last version broke this. We’re working on an update now to fix it.

      The good news is that the problem only affects listening to music at night – if you just want to use P.A.C as an alarm clock you can turn the screen off and it should work just fine. Just press the power button on the top of the phone but remember not to quit out of P.A.C first and you should be OK.

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