Playlist Alarm Clock Competition

The recent TUAW Playlist Alarm Clock competition created lots of interest so we thought, why not do another one?

P.A.C. go to sleep and wake up listening to your favorite tunes

P.A.C. go to sleep and wake up listening to your favorite tunes

This time it’s just for our own readers. In case you don’t already know, Playlist Alarm Clock is our alarm clock app for the iPhone and iPod touch and it does pretty much what it says on the tin. You can set up a playlist of your favorite songs to wake you up at a pre-determined time. That’s cool enough but there’s more! You can also set up a second playlist of songs to listen to as you go to sleep.

We’re currently drifting off to sleep to the laid back sounds of All India Radio and Hammock (check them out in iTunes) and waking to Dave Stewart’s Heart of Stone and Michael Jackson’s Beat It.

So that’s the basic idea – slow laid back stuff to send you to sleep and something more energetic to get you going in the morning. We’ve got 10 copies of P.A.C to give away to the people that come up with the best playlists – one for sleep and one for wake. We’d love to discover some great new music so don’t just pick all the obvious ones.

Unfortunately the competition is only open to US residents (don’t blame us – Apple’s promo codes only work in the States) and don’t worry if you’ve already bought P.A.C – you can still enter and we’ll give you a promo code for another one of our apps instead…

Just post a reply with your suggestions and we’ll announce the winners next week.


6 Responses to “Playlist Alarm Clock Competition”

  1. MobyFan Says:

    For sleep I’d go for:

    Love Theme
    Love Song For My Mom

    and to wake up:

    Disco Lies
    Lift Me Up (Mylo mix)
    We are all made of Stars

    all by Moby, of course!

  2. Jerry RomeApart Says:

    – Drift Away by Matt Silkworth
    – Dark Matter by Porcupine Tree
    – Eve by Dream Theater

    – Bleed by Meshuggah
    – Alpha by Sevendust

  3. PeteH Says:


    – Le Soleil Est Pres De Moi by AIr
    – Le Telecabine by Caia
    – As If You’ve Never Been Away by Ulrich Schnauss
    – Light Through the Veins by Jon Hopkins


    – Tiad by Cicada
    – The Girl And The Robot by Royksopp
    – Moonchild by M83

    Those will start any day off brilliantly!

  4. strippervicar Says:


    Everything In Its Right Place – Radiohead
    Memory Of A Free Party – Chris Coco
    Jazz Master (K&D Session) – Kruder & Dorfmeister
    Brain Damage – Pink Floyd
    Chill out – The KLF
    5 23 – Global Communication


    Flaming June – BT
    Song 2 – Blur
    Overkill – Motorhead
    Detroit Rock City – Kiss

  5. KillerDJ Says:

    I’d love to go to sleep listening to

    Kissing by Bliss
    Crazy Baby by Akasha
    Machine Pour Les Oreilles by Rinoceros
    Pillow Talk by Quiet Village

    and wake up to

    My Delerium by Ladyhawke
    Goodlovin by Faze Action
    Vegas by Calvin Harris

  6. Ari Says:


    Anything by Cary Brothers or Jack Johnson

    Wake up:
    Kids by MGMT
    Evacuate the Dancefloor by Cascada
    (cuz that’s what I’ve been putting on my ipod as soon as I wake up already)

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