P.A.C update out now

Playlist Alarm Clock v1.1, the first update to our iPhone app is available now.

This update gives you the ability to choose separate volumes for each playlist – quiet to go to sleep and loud to wake up.

P.A.C's new settings screen

One of P.A.C's new settings screen with added volume control

Let us know what you think. More updates coming soon (well as soon as Apple approves them).


7 Responses to “P.A.C update out now”

  1. Bob Boyd Says:

    I notice that it does not play thru my JBL system when its plugged into the charging unit at night only the phone itself gives the alarm song selected. Do you know if you are compatible with the JBL sound docks? Thank You.

    • chillix Says:

      Hi Bob

      Currently it seems to depend on the actual speaker dock used – the rule seems to be that if you run the iPod app on your phone and then dock it and the on-screen volume controls disappear then the fade won’t work.

      We’re looking into it and will try and get it sorted (I want it to work with my JBL OnStage)

  2. Walt Feistel Says:

    How do I delete an existing P.A.C. playlist?

  3. Rob Says:

    The auto-lock function is still active. When i docked the iPhone in my BOSS Station after a couple of minutes the screen gets off (sleep mode). That’s not expected in update 1.1. Do you have a fix for this issue.

    Best Regards,

    • chillix Says:

      Hi Rob

      there seems to be a weird bug with OS 3.0 and apps that play music and screen auto lock. We’re still trying to see if we can find a way round it but in the meantime, if your screen turns off, turn it back on and it should stay on…

      So that we can try and replicate this can you let us know if that works and also give us a bit more info about how you’re using PAC ie. do you launch the app before you dock the iPhone and if so do you start playing music before or after it’s docked etc.

      • doug Says:

        I like it turning the screen off actually. Even faded it’s too bright and I have to turn the clock face down. Could you make an option when the screen fades to go to landscape and only display the time in RED digits.

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