Playlist Alarm Clock Volume – update

As promised, we’ve just uploaded version 1.1 of P.A.C which allows you to set independent volume levels for sleep and wake.

We thought most people would choose to listen to quiet, chilled music at bedtime and something punchier in the morning but it seems a lot of you want to listen to loud shouty stuff at night but quietly… The new version let’s you choose both the volume you want P.A.C to fade down from at night and the volume to fade up to in the morning.

The screengrabs below should let you see what we’re talking about. They only show the settings for Sleep but the same functionality is mirrored in Wake.

P.A.C's new settings screen

P.A.C's new Sleep settings screen...

Set the volume you want to sleep to

...with Volume Control

We’re really committed to making Playlist Alarm Clock the best alarm clock in the App Store and have got lots of features in the pipeline including screen dimming and shuffle playback amongst others. Let us know what features you’d like to see…


One Response to “Playlist Alarm Clock Volume – update”

  1. Playlist Alarm Clock FAQ « Chilli X Blog Says:

    […] that lots of you want to listen to loud music quietly at night so we’ve submitted the next build of P.A.C that has separate volume controls for both Sleep & […]

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