Done Reviews

One of the most satisfying things for us is getting good reviews or comments from our users. Especially so with Done, our To Do list for the iPhone & iPod touch.

Trying to keep everybody happy is a tricky business – for everybody that says ‘I love Done because it’s so simple’, there’s somebody else saying ‘Done is great but could you just add…’ So far we’ve released seven updates to Done, each one adding more features but in a way that hasn’t added to it’s complexity. It’s great to see that some people appreciate how hard it is to keep it simple…

Mel said ‘Prior to purchasing Done, I was looking at Things and OmniFocus. When I found your fantastic product, it felt like I had come home. Keep up the great work.’

Tony said ‘Lovely simple application – I have stopped writing to do lists in a book for the first time in over 25 years!’

Qadimoon said ‘All praise is to Allah. Well this is what I have been waiting for, after purchasing Things I have realised that the more simple it is the more better it gets…’

SteveMac58 said ‘I’ve tried multiple apps, and this is the first review I’ve posted but this app warrants it. Perfect mix of good functionality but not too complicated.’

sharky125 said ‘Love it. Keep it simple app developers, this is a great app, sits on my first page of apps, I use it everyday.’

rlherman said ‘Finally – I bet I’ve downloaded a dozen ToDo lists – and I love this one. Thank YOU!’

Thanks so much to everybody who takes the time to comment (even if you don’t like it, tell us why…) we are genuinely moved by your reactions.


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