Quick update

Things seem to be taking forever to get through the App Store approval process at the moment, which is frustrating as it means we don’t have much to tell you. So here’s a quick update on a few of our projects.

Done 1.7 update – the latest update to our iPhone To Do list app is still with Apple. It seems to be taking forever to go through the approval process. We can only assume it’s because they are still struggling with the weight of the whole 3.0 upgrade process – but please hurry up guys…

StarTime – our rejected Star Trek homage clock. We responded to the rejection siting numerous other apps on sale that ‘bear a resemblance’ to Star Trek. They replied obliquely. We made some minor tweaks and re-submitted. They’re still thinking about it.

P.A.C. – our latest project. In the final stages of testing and hopefully submitted to the App Store this weekend. We’ll let you know all about it soon…


2 Responses to “Quick update”

  1. Jerry RomeApart Says:

    On the good side, the icon for your site on my homescreen looks AWESOME

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