iPhone OS 3.0 Hidden Features

Now that OS 3.0 has been out for a few days, users are finding all sorts of hidden features that haven’t been widely publicised by Apple.

OS 3

Here’s a few:

Unlimited Number of Apps

Apparently you can now install an unlimited number of apps (assuming you’ve got enough memory). Once you’ve filled up the 11 pages of visible apps any new ones you continue to add will be on the phone but effectively invisible. Just type their names into the Spotlight search screen and you can find and launch them. It’s not a particularly elegant way of doing things but it’s better than nothing.

Shake to Undo

In most apps that you can type or paste into you can now shake the phone to get a pop up window allowing you to undo what you’ve just typed or pasted!

Hidden keyboard characters

Holding down certain keys on the on-screen keyboard has always resulted in a pop up of options – eg. hold down the .com key and up pops .co.uk.net etc. Well now there’s a few new ones – . will give you  gives you lots of curly quote options. Experiment and see what you can find.

For anyone that’s interested, have a look at MacRumours Forum for a comprehensive discussion.


One Response to “iPhone OS 3.0 Hidden Features”

  1. Jason Says:

    Nice post Dave, spotlight has definately helped with apps!

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