iPhone App Store Regional Chart Variations

Here’s a strange one. Since it’s most recent upgrade, Done is doing really well in the App Store Productivity charts. We’re currently at no. 2 in the paid charts which makes us the best selling To Do list in the UK (yay!).

Done at no. 2 in the UK paid productivity chart

Done at no. 2 in the UK paid productivity chart

However, a quick check of the US App Store reveals us to be at no. 62, trailing behind several other To Do apps like Things and OmniFocus. So what’s going on? We’re a UK-based developer but our App isn’t in any way UK biased – in fact, as far as users know we could be anywhere. We don’t have a .co.uk web address and we use US spelling in our app descriptions and blog.

You might think that being UK based we were doing some marketing over here that was paying off or getting some reviews in UK magazines, but as far as we know we’ve never been mentioned in the UK press (thanks guys!) – all our publicity and reviews so far have come from the States.

Even stranger, the no. 1 app is the same in both charts (WiFiTrak) as are most of the other top apps –  Memory Stick, Shopper, mSecure, Air Sharing, Typing Genius, AppSniper, Talking SMS, LogMeIn & Compounds…

Does anybody have any idea why a UK developed To Do list should be doing well in the UK but not the US?


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