Punch Bag Buddy

Chilli X are proud to announce the arrival of our latest app – Punch Bag Buddy.

Punch Bag Buddy

Punch Bag Buddy

Punch Bag Buddy is your personal trainer in your pocket.

Do you need the motivation of a personal trainer to push you to your limits in your next workout? Punch Bag Buddy is always ready for the next workout!

Punch Bag Buddy is ideal for exercising when using a punch bag or training partner, or for shadow boxing.

Here’s how it works -Set the duration of your workout, set the intensity of your workout, choose the commands you want to use during your workout – GO!

Punch Bag Buddy uses a large number of high quality voice commands to instruct your next move – for example, ‘Jab’, ‘Hook’, ‘Guard Up!’.

Use the intensity slider to make the commands come more quickly or more slowly – go for a longer less intense workout when you have the time, or a short, hard workout when time is precious.

Select only the workout instructions you actually like to use! Punch Bag Buddy comes with a list of 16 commands which will be increased with updates. Let us know what commands you need and we’ll add them in future updates.


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