Done 1.4 – live at last

The latest update to Done, our iPhone to do list, has just gone live.

Done 1.4 - now with Due Dates & Notes

Done 1.4 - now with Due Dates & Notes

We’ve been steadily updating and improving Done since it was released but we think this is the most important upgrade yet. As you can see from the screengrab above, we’ve added Due Dates and Notes – both heavily requested features.

Combining a Due Date with a priority gives you greater control over how your items are listed ie. a priority 1 item with a date of Today will be listed above a priority 1 item with no due date.

We’ve updated our User Guide with full details and a couple of tips but first of all, download the update and see for yourself. Let us know what you think…

2 Responses to “Done 1.4 – live at last”

  1. Jerry RomeApart Says:

    Honestly guys, you have got to be the best developers! Very awesome vision and communication! I will be starting my own developing soon (once I figure out where to start LOL) and seeing people like you who have the same vision as myself is affirming.

    This version of Done is amazing! The notes and due date features were much needed! Yet, you still maintain the ellegance and simplicity that I (and many UK-ers) have come to love!!

    Thanks guys!

  2. chillix Says:

    Hi Jerry

    thanks for the kind words – it’s nice to feel appreciated!

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