iPhone OS 3.0 more details

OS 3

Over 100 new features were announced today including fixes for some of the most glaring omissions, including:


You’ll be delighted to find that you’ll be able to cut copy and paste just about anything – text, pictures, even HTML. You’ll also be able to paste multiple images into emails.


Messaging (the new name for Text) now supports MMS (only on the iPhone 3G though), including picture, audio, contact and location.

Landscape Typing

The landscape keyboard will now feature in Mail, Notes and the new Messaging app.

Voice Memo

The new Voice Memo app lets you to record, save, and email audio files natively. I bet there’s a few 3rd party developers pretty hacked off about this one…


Spotlight, an iPhone version of the Mac’s search functionality also makes an appearance. You swipe left from your home screen to reach it and it will search just about anything on your iPhone –  Calendar, Contacts, Mail, SMS – essentially all the default applications. Spotlight also doubles as a launcher for your apps to save you scrolling across 9 screens to get them. No word on whether we can have more than 9 screens though…

Those are the headline consumer features. We’ll be looking through the guts of the new SDK, looking for hidden gems and ways of improving our existing apps. We’ll let you know what we find…


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