Chilli X support

At Chilli X we take supporting our apps very seriously.

So we’ve been a little concerned recently to see reviews in the App Store where people (hi JungleSports!) have complained that we haven’t replied to their support emails. As far as we’re aware we’ve replied to every email support request we’ve ever had. We normally try to reply as quickly as possible but sometimes things like weekends and time zone differences get in the way and you might have to wait a little while…

We’ve tried to make contacting us as easy as possible – most of our apps have a built in news page with Contact button. Just go to the settings screen and click on the ? to find it. It’s also a good way of keeping up to date with our latest news and seeing our other apps.

If you’ve got any outstanding questions or problems then please contact us – we look forward to hearing from you.

Our inbuilt news page with Contact button

Our inbuilt news page with Contact button


3 Responses to “Chilli X support”

  1. Appologist Says:

    I got a response very quickly wrt my issue and was impressed to see you listened to my idea for the second version of PhotoFrame (I thought your poll was a great idea)…

    But email is not always reliable (sending or recieving) so maybe something like UserVoice could be a good idea!

  2. Mark Edmonds Says:


    I’m having a little issue with Juiced. I do not get any battery stats, all fields except the % charge remaining are blank.

    Is there something I’ve missed or forgotten to do?

    • chillix Says:

      That’s strange – we haven’t come across this one before. Can you tell us what your set up is ie. which model of iPhone or iPod touch have you got? What OS? Is it jailbroken etc. and we’ll see what we can do to help…

      Have you also tried all the obvious things like restarting the phone and/or re-installing the app? You’d be amazed at how often this sorts things out…

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