App Store Picks

Being picked by Apple in one of their three featured apps sections – What’s New, What’s Hot and Staff Picks – will boost an apps sales immensely.

These charts are updated each week with eight new apps and provide valuable (in every sense of the word) exposure to the chosen few. So it’s annoying from both a publisher and a user point of view to see them wasted. All too often the Apps in New aren’t ‘new’ at all and some seem to pop up again and again (I’ve lost track of how many times Urban Spoon seems to appear).

There doesn’t seem to be any co-ordination between the lists – don’t the people who put them together ever talk to each other? This week the game ‘Edge’ is in both lists, a couple of weeks ago it was ‘Silent Hill’. Zen Bound is all over the place… Now I’ve got nothing against any of these games – they’re all great in fact, but as a user I’d rather that each of these valuable slots contained something different and exciting for me each week. As a publisher I’d obviously like to see more of our apps featured!

Any thoughts on how Apple could improve the situation and the Store in general?


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