1 Star vs 5 Star App Store bug


I don’t know about you guys, but to me it seems pretty obvious that a score of 5 out of 5 is better than a score of 1 out of 5.

Apple must have thought so too as they didn’t think the 5 star scoring system in the App Store needed any more explanation. However, looking at the reviews that Apps get (not just ours, I hasten to add) it seems obvious that not everybody seems to get it. Have a look at the following reviews for some of our products:

Best so far by Cheranleo

I have tried all of the todo apps. This one is the best out of them all. Overall iphone apps are not what they should be. If only there was the same effort on making usefull apps as there is on games.

Easy to use by Eirura

The easiest to use. Love the sorting and color coded lists.

Love It! by Finnifog

Fun, easy to use, and it works! Fab. Thanx

Best clock layout by Riddle27

Very clean looking app, the best out there.

I love it by Ily:))))

I love the picts. I look at them on the icarly set:) good work

Apart from being glowing reviews the one thing they all have in common is they are all 1 star reviews (there’s plenty of great 2 star reviews as well…) and yet they all seem very happy with their apps. Now, I’m not going to insult the intelligence of these people, after all they are happy customers of ours, but it seems that some people must think the scoring system works in reverse. There doesn’t seem to be any way of accidentally posting a 1 star review. You don’t need very many 1 star reviews to start dragging your average down.

So my request to Apple – in the next update to the App Store, please put a ‘bad’ to the left of the rating and a ‘good’ to the right just to avoid any confusion. It can’t do any harm…

5 Stars in App STore

Update: It’s been pointed out to me (thanks Aidan) that the ratings go from 5 stars on the left to 1 star on the right so my statement above is wrong and perhaps that’s the problem. As Westerners, we think from left to right and I expected the ratings to go from 1 to 5 rather than the other way round. Perhaps people instinctively assume that the further right they click, the better the score they’re giving …


6 Responses to “1 Star vs 5 Star App Store bug”

  1. Ted Says:

    People don’t think the scoring works in reverse, they just forget to rate it! Apple stupidly defaults to 1 star!!! How outrageous is that?? It should at least default to 3 starts, average. Apple needs to fix this ASAP.

  2. chillix Says:

    Hi Ted

    I originally though that must be the case too but have just checked again and it doesn’t seem to be. I tried to leave a positive review without choosing a star rating and a big red arrow appeared pointing at the stars and I wasn’t allowed to post until I’d selected a rating.

    Could the UK store work differently than the US one?

    We also seem to get great 2 star reviews as well which would seem to indicate there is a bit of a problem… see below for a recent example.

    Excellent app by Adam Sinclair
    I have tried many of these apps but this is far by the best easy to use

  3. Appologist Says:

    Silly people! Is it also true that you have no way of contacting the person who reviewed your app to try and address an issue or ask why they rated it the way they did… if so, it all seems a bit one-sided!

  4. chillix Says:

    Unfortunately, that’s correct. We’d often like to contact users who are having a problem (or to thank people for a great review).

    I can understand why it’s good to be anonymous so that you have the freedom to say what you think but I’m sure Apple could implement a way of forwarding our messages onto the relevant users…

  5. 1 Star vs 5 Star App Store bug - Update « Chilli X Blog Says:

    […] to us, but I think the recent iTunes 8.1 update has come out far too quickly to be result of our earlier blog. But at least they’ve taken steps to resolve the issue we blogged about […]

  6. Gary Says:

    Yet another poor usability design causes people to get a few more grey hairs.

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