MyCal wallpaper design competition

We had so much fun with our Done competition a while ago that we thought we’d run another one – this time for MyCal.

MyCal allows you to create beautiful calendar wallpapers for your iPhone or iPod touch – if you want to know more then have a look at our user guide. We’re looking for 16 original wallpapers that can be included in a future release of MyCal – have a look at the pictures below to get an idea of what MyCal is about…

MyCal - create beautiful calendar wallpapers

MyCal - create beautiful calendar wallpapers

MyCal's Abstract Backgrounds

MyCal's Abstract Backgrounds

The rules – you can submit as many entries as you like but the work has to be your own (no copyright images or other people’s work). Obviously the wallpapers need to be suitable for the App Store (so nothing too racey…) and to have a calendar superimposed on them. Download this zip file which contains everything you’ll need – a layered Photoshop template with sample calendars and details of where to send your creations.

The prize – apart from the sheer joy of winning and having your work appear in MyCal, we’ll post the winning entries on the blog and you’ll get a free copy of MyCal if you haven’t already bought one and any of our other apps you might want. You’ll get a name-check but  there’s no financial reward from this one – it’s just for fun.

What are you waiting for? Get creative!

One Response to “MyCal wallpaper design competition”

  1. Dan Mowchan Says:

    I’ll be sending a few 🙂

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