Done 1.3 – new features

The Done 1.3 update has just landed in the App Store with the first of the new features we’ve added in response to your poll requests.

This version features a new options button on the main list screen that enables you to turn the sound effects on or off and choose how the icon badge will work. You can choose from three settings: no badge icon, all uncompleted tasks (much too depressing for me) or just your priority one tasks.

We’re already hard at work on the next update which will be either due dates or notes (whichever gets finished first!).


Done's new customisable icon badge

Done's new customisable icon badge


5 Responses to “Done 1.3 – new features”

  1. nferno Says:

    I hope the “due dates” feature will not require you to add a due date to every single todo item. It’d be better if it were an optional feature, since many of my todo items don’t have any deadline or due date.

  2. RomeApartJerry Says:

    Awww, what about sync to “other”? šŸ˜¦
    No worries, this is still my one and only ToDo app!!

  3. chillix Says:

    Hi nferno
    don’t worry our main aim is to keep Done as quick to use as possible so we won’t force you to add dates to everything.

    the sync issue is quite a problem for us as we’ve had pretty much equal requests for syncing to iCal, Outlook, Google, various existing web services, a new web service and standalone apps for both Mac & PC. We do have an interesting idea for synching though and are looking into it at hte moment – watch this space.

  4. Klaus Says:

    great to see, that the best looking ToDo app for iPhone is further developed. Date (optional) and Notes or wrap around are the next I (personally) wished to have(others have, but see 1. line). One (two) more things.. the startup Logo whould be enough to stay half the time šŸ˜‰ and the optional inverse color (like the Wallpaper) would be great.

    Thanks for this nice App,

  5. chillix Says:

    Hi Klaus – thanks for the feedback.

    As for the startup logo – we don’t control how long it stays on screen – it’s just there until the app loads. We’d love it if the the app loaded instantly and we didn’t need to wait – check out the Calendar app on the phone to see that Apple’s apps take just as long to load…

    A few people have asked for an inverse view now so we’ll look at implementing that as soon as we can šŸ™‚

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