Done new features

We’ve just released a maintenance update to Done that fixes a couple of (small) bugs and we’re now looking at which features to implement next.

We’ve had loads of feedback and feature requests – it seems everybody has their own ideal set of features in their perfect To Do app. We’ve put the most popular requests into the poll below. Have a look and choose the feature you’d most like to see added to the next version of Done. We’ll add up all the votes and get cracking on implementing the winning feature(s).


12 Responses to “Done new features”

  1. eric Says:

    I’d like to have picked both sync to web and numbered badge icon.

    See Toodledo for a excellent, unobtrusive method of syncing.

    Perfectly understand the limitation that Apple saddles you with regarding app restrictions for running in the background which prevents you from implementing alarms. So do whatever you can in lieu of that to inform the user of their outstanding todos, via badge icon and any other method (the wallpaper update is clever).

  2. epqr Says:

    I voted for web sync, but I’d also love to see badge and due dates =)

  3. Mark Mazur Says:

    I love the colors of the wallpaper photo feature. Black is cool! I know the alarm feature is impossible without apples help. But it is the only chance of me remembering to do anything.

  4. Eddy Says:

    I purchased my copy of Done today to show my support for future development.

    I voted for “Sync to other” with the intent of “other” being… Google Tasks! There aren’t any apps in the crApp Store that offer it, just syncing to Google Calendar (which is way overkill for a simple task list.) It would be the killer feature. I don’t know if an official google API to Tasks exists, but if not, Google definitely needs to offer it.

    Other features I’d like to see:

    . Ability to disable sounds

    . Application badge (each list should be configurable as to whether or not it contributes to the badge count. If I have a grocery shopping list, I don’t want the items on that particular list contributing to my “to do” count.)

    . To that end, might I suggest changing the “Edit” button on main page to “Organize” (so you can still drag the lists up and down) and instead add an “i” button on each individual list that “flips over” so you can set the color, edit the list name, and then whether or not the list contributes to the badge count.

    . I noticed you can tap on the list’s “colored squared” on the main page, but it doesn’t do anything. Should that open a color picker?

    . A small bug: when entering a new list item, if the iPhone has suggested a typing correction and you click “Save” instead of “Done”, the typing correction is ignored

    . Finally, if you edit a list item and click “Done”, the title (in between the “Cancel” and “Save” buttons) does not update. This is slightly confusing when you click the “Lists” to assign it to a new a new and the the “back button” is labelled with the old item name.

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  5. epqr Says:

    Another thing I would very much like is some sort of icon/colour in front of the “All”-task button. It looks so sad and empty :p Maybe like mixture of all the colours, like a rainbow?

  6. epqr Says:

    Sorry the double post :p I just think done has such a huge potential and some minor tweaks would make it perfect:) I think the part where you you write in your task should be a little larger. maybe so you could fit two or three lines of text there. That way you could make more detailed tasks. Like you wouldn’t see the whole task from the normal view, but if you tapped the task (the way you go into the “edit-mode”), you would be able to see your task easily, even if it is a little long with more detail.

  7. EddieV Says:

    Just writing a follow up post. I have been testing out a few other to do or task management apps and I keep coming back to Done since it is the cleanest and simplest app for my purposes. I would like to reiterate some of my suggestions as I think they would help surpass the other to do apps.

    1 – Landscape typing mode. As I have mentioned previously, I have been able to fidget with the delete function to get my to do list in landscape mode and add tasks using the landscape keyboard. I think this would be a great feature, if we could have the ability to type in landscape mode. I haven’t seen any other to do apps that allow this functionality.

    2 – Sync to Google Calendar. I am not sure how TouchToDo does this, but it quite nicely allows me to upload my tasks to Google Calendar. My tasks appear nicely in the calendar. Unfortunately, TouchToDo has one of the ugliest and most cumbersome interfaces. Something Done does not have. Would be great if we could sync to Google calendar which I also have synchronized with iCal on my iphone.

    3. Assign due dates. You could neatly include the due date at the right or below the task with a smaller font.

    I understand you want to keep the app as simple as possible. I appreciate the more is less approach you have taken and that is why enjoy using Done over the other to do apps. I hope that more functions are added to make this tool more robust go to tool.

  8. Eddy Says:

    Uh oh… looks like the first iPhone app to support Google Tasks syncing (a feature I requested above) is coming from Google!

    Google Launches Gmail Tasks Beta for iPhone

  9. Eddy Says:

    Oops, my bad… it’s just an iPhone-optimized web interface, not an actual app. D’oh!

  10. Matt Says:

    Please, please, please – due dates and a numbered badge would make this app do everything I need.

  11. Matt Says:

    Excellent – and the badge is now here!

  12. chillix Says:

    Hi Matt – we aim to please 🙂 Glad you like the little update. More features coming soon (including due dates)…

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