Done reviews

With Done having been released less than a week ago we know it’s early days yet but we’re encouraged by the positive reviews and general level of feedback.

We’re listening to what everybody thinks of it so far and, more importantly, to all the features that are being suggested. What’s becoming apparent even now is that To Do apps seem to provoke very personal reactions  – everyone has obviously got their own idea of the ‘perfect’ app. For everybody that says ‘thanks for keeping it simple’ there’s somebody else that says ‘can you just add syncing, due dates, notes and alarms’. We deliberately decided to keep Done quite simple and intend to keep it that way, so the challenge becomes to make it more feature rich without anybody noticing – sounds like fun!

We’re going to  wait a little while and consolidate all the feedback, then do another poll with the top feature requests so we can see what you really want. Interestingly, some of the ideas for new features we’ve had internally haven’t been mentioned by anyone – is it because nobody wants them or nobody else has thought of them yet?

In the meantime, here’s a few sample reviews that have brought tears to our eyes:

Iestyn Excellent – 5 stars. Simple, clean, easy to use and a great interface. Great customer service too! THE BEST to-do list app out there. Also the best value. Don’t just sit there, go and download this app! Now!

Mazerbrian – SIX STARS! Finally a To-Do list ‘Done’ right! I’ve accomplished more today than in the last 30 years! Good job! 

QuantumKitten. This is the app that Apple should have included with the iPhone.

fpuk99 – Great app! 5 stars. Simple and effective. Perfect!.

Nubalin – Simplicity defined… this is the best to do list I have found so far. Great job Chilli X!

Thanks guys…



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