Done goes live

We’re pleased to announce that our new ToDo list, Done is now live in the App Store!

Thanks to everybody that entered our little competition to come up with humorous entries for our To Do list – you’ll see the best in the screenshots below and we’ll be using them in various publicity materials. Suggestions flooded in from our readers as well as those of TUAW and What’s On iPhone – thanks to the winners –  KSP, Chad, Kevin, Todd, Gary & Kurt.

An honourable mention must go to some of the entries that didn’t make it for one reason or another (too niche perhaps?) – thanks caffeinate, iestyn and Fabio Bracht!

We really hope you like Done – we’ve put a lot of thought and effort into it. Please let us know what you think and give us any suggestions for new features (although remember that we’re trying to keep it a relatively simple App…)

You can find out more about Done by clicking here or get it now from the App Store.


KJP's idea of what a Certain Someone's to do list might have looked like

KJP's idea of what a Certain Someone's to do list might have looked like


The other winning entries for our list

The other winning entries for our list


11 Responses to “Done goes live”

  1. Ben Says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Got it DLed and will sync it up tonight.

  2. epqr Says:

    I love this app! its so simple, so handy, and looks so good. But what i think it needs is a simple “sync” feature, so that you can write todo’s from your computer and then get in into Done. Nothing big, maybe just a small webApp? i always copy things like my homework to whatever todo-app im using, if Done gets this feature, it will be the only todo app i’ll ever need.

    thanks for this awesome app!

    • chillix Says:

      Thanks for the feedback! We’re very interested to see what features are requested the most for future versions of Done – in fact, we’ll shortly be running a poll letting users vote for the features to go into the next version. We’ve got some ideas about syncing but we’re mindful of keeping Done as user friendly as possible.

  3. DanK Says:

    Great app. Tried loads of to do apps and this is what I was after. Any chance of adding a number badge to the icon to show outstanding count? (could be an option to turn off in settings perhaps)? This would make it 10/10 for me.

    Found a smallbug too: in the “all” list I can’t get to the bottom of the page. There are about 20 items in the list but you have to scroll off the bottom of the screen and hold your finger in place to see the last item.

  4. chillix Says:

    Hi DanK – thanks for the feedback. We’re looking into adding a badge icon in a future release – I think we’d have to make it adjustable so that you can decide what priorities are shown – I’d find it too depressing to look and my icon and see 150 things on there!

    Re. the small bug – we’re now aware of this and are looking into it and will issue an update as soon as we can – a temporary fix seems to be to rotate your phone to landscape mode then back again.

  5. am-woi Says:

    Great app, I really was looking forward to the release. I’m trying to settle on a ToDo app once and for all. I’d vote for syncing; even from something like a nice desktop app or Toodledo.

    I also agree with the badge icon.. Definitely adjustable so that you can choose the criteria that gives the count..

  6. teri henderson Says:

    can you sync it with the iphone calendar? I like to see everything in one spot…

  7. Wow Lame Says:

    Pretty lame choices you went with, not any funnier than the ones you were using. Too bad.

  8. wdh Says:

    Add another request for some type of a sync feature. Heck, what I’d actually even really like would be the ability to send a simple XML dump of the task list to a web site/service, so that it could handle management/display, and even a way to retrieve the same type of feed back.

  9. chillix Says:

    Wow Lame – sorry you didn’t like our winners. Some of the stuff we really liked was a bit niche and non nerds didn’t get them (Anchorman and Mario for example) but everybody liked God’s To Do list…

    Everyone else – thanks for the feedback – we’re listening to you and will run a poll soon with all your suggestions to see what’s the most popular.

  10. Bedrosian Says:

    nice and informative post….keep up the good work and please be sure to inform me of updates!

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